Some Tips for Hiring Managers to Conduct Interviews Efficiently

by Julie Clements Promoter
Job interviews are often regarded as a stressful process for applicants only. But that’s not true; it is a strenuous task for recruiting managers too. The right set of questions and careful preparation would help hiring managers to make the most of an employment interview. Recruiters can also make use of business transcription services to get transcripts of interview recordings. These transcripts can be analyzed thoroughly to hire the right applicant for the organization. 

The interviewing technique can be either structured or unstructured. A structured interview is one where the interviewer asks a specific set of straightforward questions to all of the applicants so that it becomes easier to evaluate and compare applicants fairly and hire the right employee.  In an unstructured interview the interviewer doesn’t have an agenda; the hiring manager analyzes how the applicants go with the pace of the interview. They ask open-ended questions that make the applicants to disclose more than he or she might if asked closed-ended questions. Whatever be the type of interview hiring managers prefer, here are some useful tips that they can keep in mind.

  • Be prepared: Before starting the interview, it s important to prepare a few things to conduct an effective interview.  Make sure that you are ready with a set of questions that need to be asked to the interviewees. Choose a quiet, peaceful room for the interview to avoid any interruption. Keep the interview space neat and clean so that it makes the interviewees want to work in your organization. If you have an interview panel then ensure that they have a copy of the questions that need to be asked. 
  • Funnel technique is useful: Funnel technique is a strategy that helps you get more detailed answers from the applicants. It is a way to ask increasingly more targeted and narrow questions to discover specific answers. For example, “Can you explain about the time when you had to work hard to reach your professional goal?” From this question you can further ask some follow-up questions to get more specific details. This technique helps you get more information about the candidate. Make sure to start with a broad question.  
  • Do not forget to give feedback: Giving feedback may not always be feasible. Sometimes there may be too many candidates with too little time for the interview and hiring managers may not be able to give the correct feedback. But make sure that you point out the areas that need some refinement.  Provide constructive and specific feedback and don’t give vague comments because that will be just a waste of time.  
  • Give candidates time to speak: Interview is a platform for interviewees to showcase their talent, skills, competencies and experience. It is also a time for interviewers to talk about the organization and the role of the employee. Sometimes managers speak the entire time and don’t allow the candidates to express themselves, or barely speak at all apart from asking questions which can be daunting. So, it is important to find the right balance, and make sure that you give a chance for the candidates to ask you any questions they may have in mind.   
  • Make the offer in a timely manner: After the interview, all candidates must be informed regarding when they will hear from you about the result of the interview. There is a huge variation in the amount of time various organizations take to let the candidates know about the results of the interview, some let the successful candidate know within twenty-four hours, some within a week, and some within a few months. Remember, all candidates will be anxious to know the results so make sure that you follow up with the candidates in a mutually understood time frame. 

In this highly competitive world, interview is the right time for hiring managers to pick the best candidate who can contribute to the growth of the company. Apart from the hiring manager and a human resources representative, it would be good to include some of the people who will be working with the new hire. You can also consider having a digital transcription service to record and transcribe the interview so that the interview board can easily pick the right candidate by analyzing the transcripts of the interview. 

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