How to Handle Essay Writing Challenges Effectively

by Julie Clements Promoter
Most academic institutions make writing an important part of their curriculum. Writing essays involve critical thinking and it challenges students and researchers to scrutinize arguments, develop their points more thoroughly, and clarify thoughts. Essays help lecturers to assess the degree to which their students have engaged with learning and transformed the information into knowledge. General transcription services help academicians by providing accurate transcripts of any audio material they may have collected as part of research.

Before going on to the challenges involved in writing a good essay, let us look at the different types of essays:

  • Expository essay: This type of essay requires time and effort and it comprises various parts like interpretation, definition, cause and effect, response and analysis. This type of essay provides a clear explanation of the topic.
  • Descriptive essay: This type of essay is like an answer to a question. It includes detailed description and analysis of the chosen literary piece, object, event etc. It contains literary tools such as analogies, metaphors, similes, allegories, and personifications that try to give a visual picture of things.
  • Narrative essay: Narrative essays are usually used to narrate a situation or event. It is all about expressing various things a writer has gone through in his or her life to make the target audience interested. It does not need any external sources and writing this type of essay helps improve the creative side of the students.
  • Argumentative or persuasive essay: This type of essay is one wherein the writer insists on a specific point of view. This type of essay can be argumentative or persuasive. An argumentative essay must state the thesis and defend it with other related arguments, and a persuasive essay has to convince the reader of the truth of the main argument. 
  • Compare and contrast essay: This is an essay that talks about differences and similarities between two things and compare/contrast them. This type of essay helps to understand about more than one topic. 

Essays can be any of these types or a mix of different types of essays. Writing simple essays helps students to whet their writing skills and go on to become talented and creative writers or speakers, or logical thinkers. 

Students often face many challenges in writing a good essay. 

  • Proficiency: When a teacher gives an essay assignment, some students will have a clear idea about how to put the arguments in an essay whereas some other students may not have. This problem of proficiency is common among students and to overcome this, teachers advice their students to read good quality literary materials. This will surely improve the students’ thinking capacity, and provide them with an increased store of vocabulary that they can use creatively to produce a great essay. With enough practice, students can become proficient writers. 
  • Time: Essay writing is mandatory in schools and colleges. But students often do not get the time to complete essay assignment and they end up panicking. This problem arises due to improper management of time. So, one way of solving this problem is by being more organized and plan out your day properly. Learn to set aside time for each activity, and this may be different for different students. Another alternative is to hire an essay writing company that helps you in drafting an essay. 
  • Referencing: Good referencing is essential for writing an essay. But many students struggle with this component because there are many referencing styles. Each referencing style has its own rules and formats and this makes referencing difficult. An easy way is to use technology. Some of the apps provide referencing. MS Word also provides referencing for free. 
  • Knowledge:  Essay writing can be a daunting task especially when students do not have sufficient knowledge about the assigned topic. This can be a major problem when the students think that their professor will assign subjects they have studied within the confines of the classroom. The only way to overcome this problem is by doing thorough research.  There are many guides online that provide a long list of literary materials for you to use. You can also take assistance from your seniors or older students of the same discipline. 
  • Plagiarism: Plagiarism is unacceptable everywhere but still, many students plagiarize because they don’t know how to make use of content written by other people in a different way to avoid plagiarism. With many advanced technologies that we have today, plagiarism is not considered as a huge challenge. There are many tips and tricks available on the internet to avoid plagiarism. If you need additional help, locate one of the free tutors most universities offer. 

Today there are essay writing services that assist students in writing essays or assignments. Whether utilizing such services is good or not is a topic that is debated. Here are some of the possible reasons why essay writing services are gaining popularity.

  • Quality of work: Essay writing service provides quality writing. They have qualified professional writers who offer customized writings. Professional writers guarantee quality work to their clients. 
  • Assured delivery on time: Sometimes due to illness students may not be able to produce the essay or assignment on time. In such situations these services become useful in completing the paper. They ensure that their clients will get their assigned work on time because experts have the prowess to complete work in a given time. 
  • Promises to produce unique work: Writing is not an easy task. Essays or assignment or any written material should be written in your own words and plagiarism is not good. These services ensure that their work is free from plagiarism. They begin the work by understanding the topic and once they are done the work through different plagiarism checkers in order to make sure that the work is free from plagiarism.
  • Affordable: Essay writing services are affordable and this is one of the most common reasons for the popularity of these services. These services are affordable for students and they can avail these services at a very low price. 

Essays are in handwritten format and these handwritten essays needs to be transcribed into accurate texts. A reliable digital transcription service also offers text to text transcription that helps students to draft an essay. Text to text transcription is most helpful for transcribing academic essays. It is useful for authors, students, companies and individuals who work with handwritten material. Text to text transcription is one of the most popular forms of transcription of handwritten material. It helps convert any handwritten document into a clean, editable document ready for publishing. Digital transcription services have experienced and skilled professionals who can make sense of different types of handwriting, even illegible writings and produce accurate transcripts.

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