A comprehensive list of top mobile app marketing trends you should not miss in 2020

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With the commencement of 2020, the technological world is set to revive itself. It is the perfect time to take a look at mobile app marketing trends that are going to dominate the year.

As a marketer, you always need to keep your finger on the pulse, because the landscape of the app industry is continuously evolving. Consumer buying habits have also changed. For shopping, they have started preferring mobile apps rather than desktops. By analyzing this situation, we can tell that your sales strategy from back in 2015 might not work for your e-commerce website today.

With that in mind, understand the latest trends and adapt your sales and marketing strategies accordingly. One of the most effective strategies is to convert your website to a mobile app that helps you have increased traffic as well as revenue.

Here is a guide of the newest app marketing trends that continue throughout the second half of the year:

Mobile commerce

As e-commerce is growing year-over-year, mobile commerce is following the flatter, as well.

In 2019, companies accounted for 44.7% of all mobile commerce sales in the United States. And, it is expected that 54% of all e-commerce sales in the US will come from mobile devices by 2021.

According to Statista, mobile commerce holds 67% of e-commerce sales globally. It is expected to acquire 73% of the total e-commerce market by 2021.

Consumers will no longer need to be glued to their desktops to buy something from your e-commerce website. People seemingly have smartphones at every waking minute of the day. Take advantage of this. 

A successful mobile commerce strategy is to make your own app, which works as a secret weapon for driving mobile commerce sales.

Research shows that while browsing from a mobile app, consumers have viewed 286% products and added them to their cart at an 85% higher rate as opposed to mobile web browsers. This means mobile apps capitulate 130% higher conversion rates than mobile browsers.

That’s because customers spend 90% of their time on accessing apps. After all, these apps are more user-friendly than mobile web browsers. Mobile apps make it easier for people to browse and make purchases from them.

If you haven’t prioritized mobile sales yet, create an app to make this strategy work, which yields higher conversions.

Artificial intelligence

Today, every industry is adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology is used for a wide range of purposes and applications.

Unlike other chatbotsAI chatbots have become the new norm in the e-commerce world. Adding it to your mobile app will undoubtedly give you and your customers ample benefits.

Live chat has a 73% customer satisfaction rate if it is compared to 61%, 48%, and 44% for email, social media, and phone support, respectively. However, with chatbots, you don’t need to hire as many employees to answer the phone. Shorter wait times simply lead to higher customer satisfaction. You do not even have to worry because chatbots can work 24 hours every day, 7 days every week, 365 days every year. 

About 79% of businesses say that live chat impacts positively on their sales, revenue, and customer loyalty. Also, 38% of consumers are likely to buy from your e-commerce app that offers live chat.

Implementing this form of AI on your brand app brings you higher returns.

Voice search

The way the customers are browsing online is changing. They are now taking up ‘voice search’ to get all the searches. This technology is getting high on nerves and continuing to rise. 

Nearly 25% of people own a smart speaker, and 40% of them have multiple smart speakers, according to The Verge.

Furthermore, 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers use voice search more than once per day as per Google insights. 

Smart speakers are continuing to grow in popularity. Therefore, shopping via voice search needs to follow the trend. Make sure your e-commerce app must have an optimized option of voice search. If not, consider 37% of people use their smart speakers for shopping.

When it comes to mobile app accessibility, voice search makes sense as it is easier for people to talk than type.

Flexible payment options

With all the major credit cards and debit cards, you should start accepting alternative payment methods as well. For example, PayPalVenmoApple PayGoogle Pay, and more.

Credit/debit cards can never get obsolete. These cards are still leading the way of receiving payments, but alternative payment options are becoming more reliable options available for consumers.

A study reveals that 45% of online payments came from stored credit/debit cards, and other payment options made up to 38% of all online transactions last year. 

And, the credit goes to the increasing utilization of mobile apps. Therefore, once you have built an app, it will become easy for you to add flexible payment options for your prospective customers. With that being said, they will be able to complete the purchase with just a few clicks.

It is worth adding alternative payment methods to the app in the long run.


You are in need to incorporate videos into your app because the pictures alone are no longer acceptable. 

A video can show more about your products and services than a picture ever could. 

Roughly 50% of consumers say that products don’t look the same when they are delivered, which is their biggest concern about online shopping. This will lead to higher return rates instead of repeat orders.

Make sure your customer feels as comfortable as possible and alleviate their shopping experience. 

About 69% of consumers use product demonstrations to make a buying decision. Also, 80% of those consumers have got a higher buying confidence when they purchase a product after watching a video of it. 

Many businesses have adapted this technology and are now using videos for their marketing purposes. With video marketing, around 66% of businesses get more qualified leads.

With that in mind, you can use video demonstration to show all of the features of your products and to improve your mobile app.

Making such videos might be a bit time-consuming, but its benefits will definitely be worth it. 

Augmented reality

On the grounds of mobile app marketing, the term augmented reality sounds intimidating. But at the core, it is not really that complex.

Augmented Reality helps in making your customers' shopping experience better. This technology gives shoppers the details of your product with a 3D view while showing size and scale.

Take advantage of the features of augmented reality by leveraging this technology for your mobile app.

For example: shopping online for something like a couch or sofa can be very challenging. But, the use of augmented reality (AR) makes that process much easier. This technology allows customers to see how that couch would look like in their home. They just need to point the camera in the space where the furniture would be positioned. This way, they will have a greater sense of how the product would fit in the room.

Businesses are also using this powerful technology to let customers customize their options based on things like color, size, and moreThey will be able to see what a black couch looks like in their living room compared to a white leather couch, for example.

It’s worth adding AR technology into your mobile app to give your customers live shopping experience. 

Outshine your competition by promoting your app

These are the six mobile app marketing trends that will rule in 2020.

Depending on the data, it looks like these trends will continue trending upward and cannot be ignored.

If you haven’t been prioritizing mobile users yet, it’s high time for you to leverage your mobile app to increase your sales.

Design a high-converting mobile app that compliments your e-commerce website. Also, ensure that you keep an eye on these marketing trends for the rest of the year.

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