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A Central Reservation System is Crucial for Running a Profitable Hotel Business

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

It is no secret that running a successful hotel requires more profits than expenses. You need to be in direct connection with the guests so that you can reap the maximum rewards when they start looking for a hotel. A reservation software for hotels is the most critical part of the equation to keep the guests and make sure they return to your property for future vacations. According to surveys, it is estimated that over 700 million people will be booking their hotels rooms online by 2023.

The primary purpose of a central reservation system for hotels is to maximize direct bookings for the hotel by cutting out the middleman. Usually, when guests book their hotel stay through a third-party online travel agency, the hotel needs to pay a commission fee. By having their own reservation system in place, the hotel can save on the commission fee and also create a positive impression on the guests.

The best part about using a reservation software for hotels is that you can put your own branding on the software. Some advantages of adding a personal branding are

  • Branding adds to the trustworthiness of the hotel in the mind of the guests.
  • Guests find the booking process to be more professional through a custom portal
  • Guests associate a brand with added reliability.
  • Branding presents a unique view of the property to the customers
  • Branding helps a hotel to stand out among competitors

If you are looking to upgrade your hotel’s image in the eyes of the guests, then a robust reservation software for hotels is a great step to take. Let’s take a look at the other ways in which you can use a reservation software to take your hotel profits to the next level.

A Reservation Software Puts Customization in the Hands of Guests

What does a guest need when they look for a hotel? There are many times when they want a room of their choice, a check-in time that they find comfortable, a payment provider of their choice and more. With a central reservation system in place, guests can customize their stay as per their liking. There are advanced options in the software that allow guests to choose meals and add niceties such as wine and flowers to be placed in their room. If the guests are choosing a hotel to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary, these options can earn guest loyalty for life.

A Reservation Software Reduces Stress on the Front Desk

The front desk is one of the most busy locations in the hotel on the best days. This place is the hub of activity that goes on 24/7. With a reservation software handling the bookings, the guests just have to arrive at the hotel and their details are already there at the front desk. This reduces time taken by the guests at the front desk and also frees up the time of the staff at the front desk to do other tasks in the hotel.

Reduced Errors with a Reservation Software

Booking errors can mean lost business and reputation in the hotel business. With a hotel reservation software, the hotel does not need to worry about any errors creeping in from the staff’s side as the guests input all information and details related to their stay. In case of an error from the guest’s side, the staff can always help them to resolve the issue.

Ease of Data Collection

Customer data is the key to providing better and personalized services to the customers. Once your staff understand the habits of the guests and their preferences, it is easy to make a long-lasting impact on the guests. You can also target customers with your marketing efforts to ensure they will choose your property for future stays. A good example is a sports event happening in your city that will invite sports fans from all over. By knowing the demographic that is more likely to travel to view the event, you can use targeted advertisements and rewards to attract guests to your property.

Features to Look for in a Central Reservation System for Hotels

So, you have decided to upgrade your hotel property with a central reservation system, here are some of the features you should look for before you finalize your purchase.

  • A high degree of customization to meet the hotel’s branding.
  • Integration with the hotel’s existing property management system.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Built-in upselling and cross-selling features.
  • Ability to share and add information to the CRM.

These are only some of the features that you should look for in a reservation system. The final choice of the features will depend on the needs of your business, the type of property, and your budget. In any event, it is best to choose a reservation system with plenty of features that can be useful in future as you expand your business.


Now that you have seen what a hotel reservation system does and how your hotel can benefit from using such a system, it’s time to make such a system a part of your workflow. At mycloud Hospitality, you can get access to a robust central reservation system for hotels that can be customized to suit the needs of your property. You can manage multiple properties through a single platform while having full control of the data. What are you waiting for? Give a call to the specialists at +1-415-390-5039 for a free online demonstration. You can also browse through for more information.

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