Top reasons why a Central Reservation System Is Essential for hotels in 2023

by Mycloud Hospitality Software Development

The modern hospitality world is a highly competitive place. Hotel owners need to do everything in their power to make their property stand out from their competitors. One of the key reasons why hotels lose business is because they rely on third party solutions for reservations. The moment a prospective guest hits an error in the booking process, they are more likely to choose another hotel for their needs. This is why using a central reservation system for hotels becomes essential for savvy hotel managers that want to take their hotel to new heights of success. 

In essence, a central reservation system for hotels removes the middle man from the equation and allows the guests to directly book the room with the hotel. There are several advantages of using a reservation software for hotels as it is beneficial for the hotel as well as the guests. Once a guest starts the booking process, the information is synchronized with the hotel’s inventory in real time which prevents double booking and similar errors. 

The reservation software for hotels also saves time and effort by automating various aspects of the reservation process. From managing the price to sending confirmation emails to the clients, all these tasks can be set to be accomplished without manual entry. Here are some reasons why using a reservation system for hotels is a must for modern hospitality businesses. 

  • Direct booking with the hotel saves time and effort of the guests
  • Reservation software prevents manual data entry errors
  • Software with the hotel’s branding builds trust with guests
  • Guests get real time room availability with a central reservation software
  • Central reservation system updates room rates in real time depending on availability

Five ways A Central Reservation System is a Crucial Part of the Hotel Workflow

There are many ways in which a reservation software for hotels can be useful for both customers as well as the hotel management. Let’s take a look at the top five ways that showcase the importance of using a robust reservation software. 

Streamline Reservations 

Through a central system, all reservations through different sources are synchronized in one place. For hotels that have multiple locations and offer booking through a number of sources, having a central system is critical to prevent issues like overbooking or double booking of a single room. By knowing which rooms are booked and which are empty, hotel owners can improve their systems for revenue generation.

Rate Adjustment

Adjusting the rate of the rooms according to the trends in the market is a great way to capture the attention of guests that are looking for accommodation. By using a central hotel reservation system, managers can adjust the prices and display them across all their distribution channels. The changes happen in real time so there is no risk of any discrepancies regarding the room rates. Even more, you can set up the central reservation software in a manner that it automatically updates the price when the inventory reaches a certain level. 

Inventory Updates

Usually when there is a rush of bookings and your inventory changes fast, it can often lead to overbooking of rooms that might show as available but are actually booked. With a central reservation system for hotels, such mistakes are a thing of the past. The software updates the room inventory in real time so that you can easily run promotions for the remaining rooms and streamline the flow of information from the hotel to the guests. The information is quickly transmitted to all channels to ensure guests can only book the rooms that are available.

Handle Group Bookings

Group bookings often happen In case there is an event such as a sports match, a business meet, wedding, group vacation or more. A central reservation software is designed to handle the group bookings and room allocations without putting the inventory in chaos. Managers can create room blocks to ensure availability and improve their sales by offering bulk booking discounts or booking packages for groups. This strategy is helpful for hotels that have a large number of rooms and they are looking for peak occupancy in the holiday season.

Manage Canceled Bookings

As with any hotel business, guests have to sometimes cancel their booking and ask for a refund. With a central reservation system for hotels, as soon as the guest cancels a booking the room is added back to the inventory. The software also starts the process of refunding the booking amount after deducting pre-determined charges as per the terms of booking. Having an updated inventory is the best way to make sure guests have rooms to choose from once they decide to book accommodation at the hotel. 

In Conclusion

There are many ways in which a hotel can be a profitable business venture. Managers need to use advanced and state-of-the-art software solutions to ensure they are excelling on every front of the hospitality business. At mycloud Hospitality, you can find the most advanced software suite that is created by professionals with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. Today, the software solutions offered by mycloud Hospitality are used by hotels all around the world. This award-winning software suite is easy to learn, highly customizable, comes with solid 24/7 support at the back-end, and runs on any modern hardware. 

If you are looking to use a central reservation system for hotels that will put you several steps ahead of your competition, then give mycloud Hospitality a try. You can browse through mycloud hospitality website for more information on how the software works and which features would be ideal for your business. You can also call +1-415-390-5039 to schedule a free demonstration. The software can be up and running in less than four hours and you can start enjoying the benefits of your investment.

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