7 Easy Vegan Snacks You Didn't Know You Needed

by Regina Thomas Freelance Writer

Whether you're following a vegan diet or want to add more fruits and vegetables to your eating plan, there are several vegan snacks for you to choose from. Many of these snacks are easy to make and are packed with vitamins and minerals so you'll have the brainpower you need to finish professional projects or the physical strength to complete your workout. 

Here are 7 vegan snacks you didn't even know you needed.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of fiber, iron, and protein, so just one serving could keep you full for hours. While you can prepare chickpeas as a side dish with rice and the grilled meat of your choice or grind chickpeas in a food processor with olive oil and garlic to make hummus, you can also roast the chickpeas for a healthy crunchy snack. 

Rines and drain the chickpeas and place them on a cookie sheet. Cover the chickpeas with olive oil, sea salt, garlic powder, and smoked paprika. Bake for about 10 minutes or until the chickpeas are dry and have a crunch to them. This snack is great if you're looking for an alternative to potato chips and need to get more protein in your diet.

Fruit and Dip

You've heard of chips and dip, but you can make a sweet variation of this popular snack that can help you combat sugar cravings. For your vegan fruit dip, mix peanut or almond butter with vegan cream cheese, honey, and vanilla. 

Slice your favorite fruits like apples, pears, or peaches and dip the slices in your fruit dip. This makes a delicious low-carb dessert or a vitamin-packed snack when you're trying to avoid baked goods or candy bars.

Protein Bars

Vegan protein bars are a filling snack for after a workout and make a quick and tasty breakfast. To make the bars, you'll need dates, chia seeds, oats, and pecans or walnuts. You can also add dried fruit to your protein bars for extra sweetness. Place the dates, oats, and chia seeds in a food processor until the ingredients are evenly mixed. Add the pecans or walnuts and pulse the mixture. 

If you want to add dried cherries or mangoes to the bars, chop the fruit in small pieces and stir it into the mixture. Take the bar ingredients from the food processors and form the mixture into bars. You can refrigerate the bars overnight to help them retain their shape and make them easier to eat of you have to grab one on the go.

Veggies with Tofu Dip

If you're in the mood for veggies but don't necessarily feel like cooking, chopped veggies with tofu dip is a filling snack that's also a great source of iron and calcium. To make the dip, you'll need soft tofu, lemon juice, black pepper, sea salt, fresh dill, Worcestershire sauce, and onion powder. Combine these ingredients in a blender or food processor before chopping up your favorite vegetables. Cucumber, zucchini, carrots, celery, and broccoli taste great with this dip.

Sweet Potato Chips

If you've been looking for a protein-packed snack while trying to stay away from junk food, you can make your own sweet potato chips at home. Sweet potatoes are also high in vitamin C and beta carotene. 

To make the chips, peel the sweet potato and cut it into thin slices. Toss the slices in olive oil, sea salt, and smoked paprika for savory chips. If you prefer sweet chips, dress the slices in avocado oil, organic sugar, and cinnamon. Bake the chips until they become crispy and remove the chips from the oven to let them cool for a few minutes. The chips make a delicious side dish for sandwiches and soups or you can eat them plain to have fight hunger in between meals.

Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon pizza is a sweet treat filled with antioxidants, beta carotene, and fiber. Once you cut the watermelon in slices, you can top each piece with delicious ingredients like vegan yogurt, melted chocolate, shredded coconut, and blueberries for a fun new way to enjoy one of your favorite fruits.

Popcorn Trail Mix

If you enjoy eating popcorn while watching your favorite shows or finishing up professional projects, add more ingredients to make your popcorn more interesting. Chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, roasted almonds, dried fruit, shredded coconut, and cayenne pepper make a great trail mix when added to popcorn. These ingredients also add more fiber, vitamin C, antioxidants, and calcium to this tasty vegan snack.

Try adding one or two of these snacks to your meal plan each week and pay attention to your energy levels and food cravings. You may be pleasantly surprised that vegan snacks can be so satisfying.

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