Parts of Your Car You Had No Idea Existed but Should

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A significant number of people deserve credit for the inventions they have made on the automobile industry. The industry is an evolutionally one experiencing creativity, mainly because it is qualified and the most practical automobile experts. As such, vehicles have undergone significant transformations over time.

Changes happen in the car manufacturing materials and type of engines with modern cars embracing the latest technology in endeavors to become smart and safe. You might never know how the drastic changes took place until we have what we have today. More is yet to come. With the new features which enhance the performance of the vehicle, there are some parts that existed and you might not be aware they did. Some of the features you had no idea existed include...

Stability Control Feature

If you drive on icy roads, you might see a dash light indicating a car skidding around. That is a stability indicator feature that is useful in keeping you on track. The sensors tell if the vehicle is turning too fast or maybe it is not turning far enough, which may show possibilities of plowing off the road. It is able to engage the brakes on either one or more wheels to control them. It would be best if you ignored any button in your car, which prompts you to turn off your vehicle's stability and traction control. But if unstacking the car from deep snow, then you can turn it off. Mostly, you are likely to see the dashboard light in cold weather.

Road Condition Indicators

If you have a keen eye on the dashboard, you will find this cool feature. If you are driving particularly in winter and notice an odd dashboard light appearing like a snowflake on it, that is it. It is supposed to give a warning of the temperatures of the road, especially for the low roads about to freeze.

Gas Tank Locator

Have you found yourself in a situation where you are struggling to locate the gas tank, particularly on rental cars? A wrong guess can be annoying. But you can execute a fancy maneuver and pull the hose all-round the vehicle. Could be you have been logged behind the wheel for several years, driving your own or borrowed car, but to your surprise, there is a tiny arrow indicating where the gas tank is found. It suggests which side. The feature appears to be standard for all vehicles for over one decade.

Anti-Lock Brakes

You couldn’t have known you have an anti-lock system brake system, especially if you had no experience driving experience with it. Virtually all Mercedes cars have it. Also, other manufactures are getting on board. If you stop suddenly with non-ABS brakes, the car wheels will lock, and you end sliding with the least control. The anti-lock system has many sensors that tell which wheel needs to be freed momentarily to gain traction. The system is essential for stability in your vehicle.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Since 2008, all new cars have been installed with sensors that can help you monitor and know the wheels' pressure. They let you know if you are low on air by turning an indicator light on the dashboard. The light appears like a cross-section of a tire but with an exclamation mark on it. On some car models, the indicator will tell you when the tire is about to go flat.

Scroll vacuum pump

The scroll vacuum pump is equipped with smoother and quieter scrolls unlike other reciprocating compressors since they have two moving parts. The orbital and fixed scroll. The fewer parts enhance the energy efficiency and reliability of the pump.

Final line

The latest car models can help you virtually in all aspects of driving. They help you in parking assistance and downhill driving, which keeps your car from accelerating beyond the recommended speed. Besides, they have sensors that can detect bikes, hazards, or even pedestrians. Some vehicles will even brake on your behalf to counter collisions if you don't react promptly. It is worth knowing all the features your car offers to avoid confusion by unfamiliar indicator lights. It gets more disconcertingly if your vehicle stops when you haven't hit the brakes. You might be missing some of the best driving experiences simply because you don't know a given feature exists. Explore your vehicle!

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