5 Tips for Controlling Your Inventory

by Ryan David Technical Consultant
Inventory control is essential for the development of any enterprise. To know how much inventory you needed to meet your customers' expectations is the main challenge.

Which involves knowing how many products you need when to place your orders, what time to consider to receive the goods, store and keep track of the inventory.   Without proper management, you will not have enough stock to meet your customers, which can cause problems.  It is vital to consider inventory as a core part of your business administration.

Here are five tips for managing your inventory:
1. Forecasting your claim

The proper planning and forecasting of expected demand is a fundamental fact. You must avoid shortages order or excess of products. In both situations, it will represent an extra cost that will impact on the operations and profits of the organization.
To succeed in estimating demand, you must keep a record of different products. Your offer and the different seasons, this influences your business, based on this information your forecast will be more accurate.
2. Classify and prioritize your inventory
A common mistake that can be made in inventory management is to treat all your products as if they were only one. You must classify your goods which will give you a better view of the type of product and how you should manage each one.
The easiest way to categorize them is by taking as a basis the rotation that they have if they are products that have more or less demand. It will give you information that will help you plan your purchases better.
3. Implements an inventory policy
For stricter and more optimal inventory control, you must have a defined policy that guides you. The goal of this practice is to guide how the inventory should be constituted, for example:

• Level of the finished product that must always exist.

• The level of cash must have as inventory.

• Correct classification of  merchandise and its rotation.

• Time to place orders.

• Regular audits and reviews.

It will achieve team alignment and improve communication between responsible people.
4. Make alliances with your strategic suppliers
Vendors are your business partners and can make inventory management more comfortable, so it is essential to establish partnerships with them. To achieve this synergy, you must analyze your chain of suppliers and know which are the ones that can the most impact on your inventory and the operations of your company. So that you can plan the right actions in regular times and extraordinary situations if they occur and this does not affect the activities of your business or that of your provider. Team up with your suppliers.
5. Automate your processes
When your business is growing, then you will find that controlling your inventory quickly and reliably becomes increasingly tricky. When you feel that this is happening, then it's time to have a tool that will help you do it more efficiently, simply and quickly. 
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