5 Fascinating Monuments To Visit On Your Greece Trip

by Payal Mathur Travel Consultant

Wish to travel to the country of the Olympians, the Greek gods? Known majorly for its Greek mythology, Greece is a beautiful country with rustic charm and ancient heritage. Greece is a paradise for honeymooners and solo travelers. The lush green beauty of the country is on par with the shimmering sun-kissed beaches. If you like to know the country inside out, then try to visit Greece during some festival, because that is when the locals are out on the streets celebrating and enjoying.  

The dense forests, pristine beaches, cobbled lanes, and various tourist attractions make for a complete package in Greece. The capital city of Greece, Athens, is famous as the ancient capital in the world. The city is fascinating and charms all its visitors. There is so much history here, that everyone is left fascinated. Whenever you plan a Greece vacation, check out the Acropolis in Athens, among other attractions like Temple of Hephaestus, Benaki Museum, Piraeus, and more. Listed below are some of the places to visit in Athens. Have a look.

  1. Byzantine Museum

As mentioned earlier, Greece is a treasure trove for the history buffs. A place with so much ancient heritage is best known through its museums, and there are quite a few of them in the capital city of Athens. One such museum is the Byzantine Museum. It is a fascinating place and one can know here quite a lot about the Byzantine period in Greece. The Byzantines ruled from the 3rd century to the 15th century and during their reign, much importance was given to religious art. This art can be seen in the museum today. One can see around 25,000 artifacts here and other items belonging to the early Christian period, the medieval times, and also the post-byzantine era.

  1. Church of the Holy Apostles

This is an orthodox Greek church in the capital city of Greece, Athens. This is another ancient structure which dates back to the 10th century. There is no dearth of old and ancient structures to visit in Greece. And the beauty lies in how well they have been preserved. One is left fascinated at each and every sight. The church is famous for its architecture which makes for a marvelous sight. There are aesthetic inscriptions on the outside of the church walls and the interiors have religious paintings. One can distinctively see the Byzantine form of architecture here and the church has a typical dome resting on four columns. Visit the church in Agora on your trip to Greece, and you would be left beguiled at the amazing sights here.

  1. Olympieion: Temple of Olympian Zeus

Another famous place to visit in Athens on a Greece trip is this temple. As the name tells, this temple was dedicated to the Greek God Zeus and in ancient Greece, this was the largest island. Zeus was the god of sky and thunder and was married to Hera. Dating back to the 6th century BC, it took quite a lot of time to finish building this marvelous temple and was finally finished in second century AD. Once upon a time, there were over a hundred columns that supported this ancient temple, but today only 15 columns remain of the same. Head to this heritage place on your trip to Athens, and have a great time learning the history of the place.

  1. National Archaeology Museum

Another interesting place to not miss out in Athens is the National Archaeology Museum. This is the largest archaeological museum in Greece which was built in the 19th century. The building is constructed in the neoclassical fashion and is a sight in itself. There is an amazing exhibition display here and one can spend quite some time here. There are statues too that are worth a glance. Have an amazing time visiting this museum on your trip to Athens.

  1. The Acropolis

This is an ancient citadel and a sight not to miss when in Greece. Nestled high on a hilltop, it is located above the city. The Acropolis has a number of monuments and heritage buildings which are of both historical and architectural importance. The most famous building here is the Pantheon. There is the old temple of Athena too here. Wear a comfortable pair of footwear when you are out on an excursion to the Acropolis, because you might need to walk a bit to get around. Have a great time exploring all these historic sights in Greece.

Plan a Greece holiday soon, and cover all these marvelous monuments. Do not miss the Acropolis in Athens, as it houses the famous Pantheon and a couple of other ancient and historic buildings. After exploring all these heritage sights, relax and unwind at the shimmering beaches of Greece.

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