3-rd millenium instruction manual

by Marius Wlassak Business Media Consultant

Dear Friends,

Years ago I ordered a custom standing desk from a local woodworker.  

He delivered it himself, and it was a thing of beauty.  

I could tell he was so proud of his craftsmanship.  And rightly so!

I used it for years and then when I needed a second one, naturally I gave him a call.

Much to my surprise, what arrived was a box of parts … and no instruction manual!

I emailed him explaining that I was expecting the same as last time. 

"Oh, sorry.  We changed our business model.  But you'll find this one is just as good and very easy to assemble."

False on both fronts.

I could immediately tell from the materials themselves that it was of inferior quality.  

And the instructions?  They didn't exist!

I emailed him again, and he said, "Don't worry.  It's pretty obvious how to put it together."

It wasn't. 

After fiddling with it for a few hours (there were over 120 parts), the desk was clearly destroyed. 

Now, what you just read, while a true story, is actually a parable about your business and the actual online marketplaces and the net as it is.

Your business, the internet as such didn't come with an instruction manual.  

Everyone expects you to "put it together" on your own.

Any wonder why you struggle at times?

What if there was an instruction manual for growing your business in a complete new Internet journey?

What if it was endorsed by many of the top business professionals from the shadows on the planet? 

?What if it revealed …

  • the most essential must-knows and  business shortcuts as they always existed as logical essence (the real stuff … the gritty reality-based  weapons, intellectual and real knowledge based also for profiting, such as they won't dare teach at Wharton or in fluffy overpriced pitch-fests … the genuine 80/20 stuff guaranteed to pin your cash needle to "full")

  • the secret tricks included, the world's greatest preachers only would share in hushed tones if they would really knew them( which they don't) (and nobody would even try or think teaching them in public)

  • the stealthy gentle-but-ruthless "rapid decision and closing tactics" in a real logical world that since ever existed but was manipulated into the fake you experience all over)

  • the astonishing "margin hacks", rapid-growth endevours or actions to use to boost profit without a single change in your marketing or actions.

  • and much, soo much more … on a never seen technological journey based on truth, digital reality and logical facts.

This manual exists and you can soon grab it when released: 

So, get a prefetch-info and... 

Click Here <-- internet- in-3-dimensions

"Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!" - Goethe

You were bold enough to read this message.  

Keep the momentum going and click on the above link now.


Stay tuned & All the best,

Mark Wlassak
Owner and CEO
OR2 Europe® - Be an HERO!

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