18 Essential Travel Items Everyone Should Pack With backpack

by John E Rhodes Blogger

We all are familiar with the anxiety and depression that one feels before going out for a trip that what we will wear and how we will look in that dress to the inhabitants of that area. All these with some more questions haunt in our mind from which we suffer a lot and for girls, it's a huge problem that what we will wear. Everyone before stepping out for traveling stands in front of his cupboard and start staring dresses. You hear or see a Facebook post where your friends mention you and say only three days left. 

This might create a sensational feeling about you have done nothing so far. It sounds something like you’re only left with three days to die.

Everyone feels anxious but it doesn’t matter he/she sits lonely and do nothing. Your backpack must include useful things that may help you in the hour of trouble. Let’s discuss how your backpack can facilitate you during your journey.

Packing Cubes

Your backpack must include some packing cubes which differentiate your clothes from your toiletries. This will help you in hill stations when you are in need of particular thing and don’t have enough time to take out all your luggage. These cubes act as a separator and even you can hold them separately.

Clothes and Shoes

Essential and starting items of any backpack are versatile clothes, rain jackets, swimwear, denim shorts, and shoes. Versatile means you don't know about the weather of your destination but you can go with proper preparation. Keep shirts, pajamas, and shoes of every kind like woolen and linen clothes, etc. shoes must be comfortable and lightweight.


Your destined hotel or hostel rooms are not so user-friendly. That's why many people recommend or suggest to keep toiletries like shampoo, hand wash, soap, hair cream, sunblock, deodorant, and razor, etc.


You don't know how many people have used a single towel in the room which may cause infection or allergy. The backpack must include the microfiber towel that is sized of your hand.


If you're on dangling ways and don't know where to take a turn then use headlight instead of a flashlight. It would be easier to shed some light on your footsteps. It will keep your hands free and can easily navigate in dark.

Kindle or Tablet

If you're a book reader and going to find a spot where you can sit with silence near a window and can enjoy book reading then Kindle will remain best for you. It's worth of hundred books without the weight of even a single book. Don't forget to keep its charger and other accessories.

Power Bank

Suppose you have made a plan of camping in a jungle or on the top of the hill station and your mobile battery is at lowest. What would you do? Would you prefer to cut off your social life and don't want to cite your current place at social media? Power bank keeps you charge every time and everywhere but don't forget to feed the power bank.

Swiss Knife

Camping is impossible without swiss army knife because this knife can do 101 things. Must keep it with great care.

Routine Sling Bag

Your backpack must contain small backpacks which can be used for everyday processing. Such bags are used to carry out things of your daily routine for visiting a place in a day.     

Sewing Kit

To be away from any misfortune it's better to keep a sewing kit in your bag. So that whenever you need it can be used quickly without thinking about any other trick.

Water Bottle

People are addicted to drinking water after every minute and when they hike the mountains or do tracking it becomes impossible for them to go without water bottles. Fix a place for your water bottle in your backpack and refill it at every spot with fresh water.

Life-Saving Straw

Life-saving straw keeps you healthy by purifying the contaminated water. It filters out the impurities and keeps you fit and healthy.


If you're nature lovers and never wanted to keep your eyes away from mountain and nature then take benefit of it. Stay there and start cooking which will make your moments enjoyable and worthy. But for cooking purpose always prefer stainless steel utensils in your backpack.

First Aid Box

You can't miss the first aid box in your backpack. It's a need for your journey and you can't enjoy much without having a tablet at the end of the day. It prepares you for the next day targets. It must have hand sanitizer, pain killers, muscle relief cream, Diarrhea relief tablet, and mosquito repellent lotion, etc. if you have height sickness then don't forget to keep 1 more tablet for it.


Can you ever imagine the worst thing than forgetting passport and you realized this thing at the airport? It would all make your plans down and you can miss your flight too. Take extra care of your legal documents during the journey.

Camping Luggage

If you have decided to install camp near a waterfall then must go with proper preparation. Keep camping net along with sleeping pillow, light and a mat with yourself. Lay down on mat under the net shadow and capture the nature click!!


GPS accessibility on mobile can save your life even when you have forgotten your station. It would help you with navigation. One more thing you can do in the absence of GPS and that is MAP guide. Download maps and takes help from it in reaching to your final point.

Swim Gear

Have you planned your picnic at the seaside? Don't forget to take swim gear with yourself. You can't enjoy a water picnic without it.

Final Words

People forget to keep necessary things of their daily routine in their backpacks and face difficulties at the time of need. That's why it is suggested that start packing before few days. It will remind you of what you have left and what you should skip. 

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