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by Philip Collins Health Fitness reviewer

December holidays are approaching and some of us have started going shopping before the price of some items go up. A backpack is not left out from your shopping list unless you already one, or what to replace the older one with something new and classy. There are some tips to consider before going for a backpack.You want an antique, easy to use and accommodation backpack, here are some tips.

Factors to consider when buying a Laptop backpack


Size is important for it to fit all the accessories and necessities you are going to carry to your trip. The size of a backpack also determines the amount of checked baggage fee. For larger sizes there is a possibility of it being tied on top of the bus and when it rains, that becomes chaotic because all the amenities will be soaked. It is however convenient because you can carry more amenities, especially if you will be camping, a large backpack is necessary in order to fit the camping gears. 

On the other side, a smaller backpack is safe from rain since you can carry it into the bus but it definitely has its disadvantages to campers. Carrying camping amenities in a small backpack together with other utilities is not convenient. The size of a backpack you will go for is determined with the type of your trip and the time of stay, go for what will be convenient.


The more pockets your backpack has, the more organized it is, which makes it easy for you to get what you need in a particular segment. Stacking everything up in one pocket is so untidy and cumbersome every time you need something, as you have to into the same segment, which is hard to keep it organized. The number of pockets on your backpack will also depend with its size.


A backpack will be easy to carry around when the weight is evenly distributed all over. When the weight lies on your shoulders only, it can make your travel a nightmare. 

Today, backpacks are made with hip belts to help sustain the weight, but we still have some that do not have hip belts and are very comfortable. In order to feel relieved off some weight, it is good to for a backpack with more paddings in the shoulders. This will keep you comfortable as you go on with your trip. The strength of the straps is also as important to ensure that it doesn’t tear off because of the weight. A hand-mended strap after tearing will not leave you with the comfort confidence to keep on with the hike or any other activity.


Some backpacks are so heavy compared to others. Heavy empty backpack will mean more weight once you are done packing, how are you going to navigate through that? Going for a lighter pack might inconvenience you because it is possible that it will not be able to sustain all the weight you will be carrying. It is not easy to find a light yet strong backpack, that is, if they do exist. The heavier the backpack the stronger it is and the weight should be bearable because of the strapping.


For any kind of trip, you do not know what awaits you. Unless you are using a private means of transport like driving yourself, otherwise you might have your utilities messed up since you do not know what awaits you. In some areas, your pack will be rained on or falls in a pool of water in the forest or is caught up by a branch and everything is sent rolling down. Avoid that by choosing a strong, waterproof material. This pack is going to be everything you need for the next few days or weeks, you have to go for the best since you are in a land where you know no one and every person on the same trip have amenities just enough for themselves, be very careful.

You might think that backpacks are cumbersome since all the weight is on you and you decide to go for a briefcase that will be the worst idea you’ve ever made in your life. Your suitcase is going to be damaged on the way and now it has to rest on your head for the rest of the trip, how comfortable is that? Let’s look at some of the advantages of using a backpack


A backpack does not occupy your hands, it is comfortably resting on your back this gives you maximum access to other things like using Google maps to get directions. Your hands are free to do anything, you can even dance and jump on reaching to the top of the mountain. Also, when you need to get anything, you do not have to open the whole bag, you know where everything is kept and getting to it is simple.

Easy to carry

Backpacks are not a headache to keep on dragging behind you. It has no wheels that might break and leave you looking for alternative. It is also not prone to getting lost. Once it is glued on your back, you will not even notice that you are carrying anything. But for a briefcase, dragging it along and sometimes forgetting about it on some stops will have you get to your hotel room with anything. Going back to look for it? Good luck with that.

Backpacks are every traveler’s best friend. Making a good choice about what to go with and where is so important to ensure that your trip is not turned into a horrible vacation. 

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