10 questions you must ask to mover and packer service providers before you hire them

by Paul Rudd Search Engine Optimization

If choosing the perfect packers and movers in Delhi, Mumbai or any Indian city for your relocation requirements is not a proposition that fills you up with excitement, don’t worry! You are in the company of millions of your compatriots! Relocating to a new city or within one is a cause for headache in itself. Add to it the hassles involved in finding a trustworthy mover and packer, and you have a winner for the ‘most potent migraine-causing combination’ on your hands! However, you could relieve yourself of all the stress involved in this process by asking a few questions of your movers and packers Hyderabad or anywhere else. Here’s a list of the 10 most important ones among them.

1. Do you have a license?

Would you hire an unlicensed lawyer to fight your lawsuit? Would you even consider getting treated by an unlicensed medical professional? Then how could you not verify if your packers and movers/relocation service providers have a proper trade license to conduct business or not? Licensed businesses are far more reliable than those shady, part-time operators (and there are plenty of them out there!). Always stick to them even if their prices are a bit higher than their fraudulent counterparts. Trust us on this one!

2. For how long have you been in this business?

Experience matters! No matter what you do, what professional sphere you operate in, the experience would always make you better and more efficient at your work. As simple as that! And things are no different for movers and packers. The more experience they have, the better equipped they would be at handling your relocation and any of the problems that arise in the process. Inexperienced movers and packers are often found wanting when something unexpected crops up during relocation. An experienced hand, however, would have been there and done that, and would come up with a solution for the problem; and that is a much desirable trait!

3. Can I have your company’s permanent business address?

No, you don’t want to head to their office and ask them out for a drink. All you want to do is find out if the local house shifting service provider in India operates out of an office or out of an apartment. If they have a registered office, nothing beats that. It shows that they are serious about the business and that professionalism is a virtue that would go hand in hand with them.

4. Would you put every commitment down in writing?

A professional, reputable, and honest company would probably look at you with bewilderment at this question; because for them, putting everything down on paper is not a choice but a necessity. That is the only way they conduct their business. A shady business, on the other hand, would also look at you with bewilderment albeit for completely different reasons.

5. You do have liability insurance, right?

Transit insurance alone is not enough because it only covers damage to goods during transportation. However, your belongings may get damaged at other stages in the relocation process (loading, unloading, packing, etc.). So ask the moving service provider to offer you general liability insurance, which would provide a cover for goods damage right throughout the relocation process.

6. Are you insured yourself? Can I see a proof of it?

Okay, this may sound like a pretty rude question to ask someone but if you are relocating to a new city, then you must pose this question to the service provider. “But why?” is what you would ask. Allow us to explain. Movers and packers would often store your goods in their godown before they ship it because the volume of your goods may not be enough to fill the whole truck and sending a half-empty truck would be too expensive. Now imagine what would happen if the godown catches fire right at the time when it holds your goods. You just skipped a heartbeat, didn’t you? To verify if the movers and packers have insured their warehouse so that you don’t bear the brunt of a tragedy that has nothing to do with you.

7. Could you please provide me with a breakdown of the quote?

It is your basic right to know what you are paying for. You must know how the company arrived at the estimated cost and how much are they charging for each service. Ask for a detailed and itemized cost sheet to ensure that the service provider is not overcharging you.

8. Are there any miscellaneous charges?

We have often seen packers and movers in Mumbai or probably anywhere in the country, add some mysterious, hidden charges at the last minute. The customers face a predicament because it is too late to cancel that service provider and hire a new one. To avoid this catch 22 situation, ask them upfront if there are any miscellaneous charges. Ask them not once, but twice and get each individual movers and packers cost in writing.

9. What kind of vehicles and materials do you use?

The best packers and movers always use high quality, brand new packing material. They also own their transport vehicles. In short, they always strive to serve you to the best of their ability. You may find their movers and packers rates to be very marginally on the higher side as compared to the rates of unprofessional house shifting service providers in India or any mega city but there are no cutting corners as far as quality is concerned. If they come up with answers such as “Sir, we have used that box many times. Don’t worry, it is quite sturdy.” or something along those lines which defends their choice of reused or inferior materials, then put on your skating shoes and run as far away from them as you could!

10. Why should I hire you?

Now, this is a question that only the best in the business would be able to answer. They know how good they are, they know what they bring to the table, and they know how to convey their worth to the customers. Say, for example, if you were to ask us this question, our executives would tell you how we at Glovve don’t just provide house shifting services but offer you a whole bouquet of services including storage solutions, furniture rentals, office moves, and home settling-in services. We will assign you a move consultant who would be at your beck and call throughout the moving process. We would select the best movers and packers for you and also allow you to compare their rates and offerings before you make a decision. Most importantly, you could book our services for your home to move online. That’s right! No house visits from movers and packers at odd hours, no booking hassles, no overpricing, and no worries about service quality! It’s not for nothing that we are called ‘Home Moving Ka Saathi’, after all!

Now that you know what questions to ask of your home moving service provider, choosing one might not be that tough a task anymore! Thank us later!

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