How to reduce the stress of a last minute house move?

by Paul Rudd Search Engine Optimization

In an ideal world, you’d have plenty of time to arrange for and complete your house relocation. There would be no hassles associated with the process and you would have been able to do that all by yourself - without hiring the services of packers and movers in Mumbai, Delhi, or whatever your location may be.

However, life would have taught you by now that you do not live in the perfect world (sad but true!). So more often than not, your big move to a new house would be a hurried one. You’d realize why time is equated to money. So what would you do in such a situation then? Hire packers and movers Pune, Hyderabad, or wherever you wish to move? Yeah! That’s a given! You wouldn’t be able to complete a last minute house move without the services of professional packers and movers in India. But that isn’t the only thing that would make your home shifting stress-free, even though it would relieve you of most hassles associated with the process. You’d need to take certain steps to reduce the stress of shifting homes at the last minute. Here are the 4 most crucial ones among them.

Get rid of everything that you don’t need

Declutter your house in the days leading up to your home shifting. There would be a number of things that you would have stored in your attic or the storeroom, thinking that they might prove useful later. However, we all know how often we take those items out of the storeroom! Maybe once a year, if at all! It is time to discard all such items. Lesser the stuff you need to pack, the quicker your house move would be! So get rid of all such things; try to sell them if possible but if there aren’t any buyers, then just donate them to an NGO.

Leave the core tasks to the packers and movers

There is a reason why people here packers and movers in Delhi or other Indian cities. They make house moving easier, provided you have hired the right service providers! These people are experts at their job. They have handled hundreds of home relocations before. So let them do their job! Avoid the urge to interfere in their procedures. Give directions only if they ask for them. They know how to get the job done and you’d be better off just trusting them with your home moving rather than observing each and every step they take.

Pack all essentials in a single bag

One mistake that almost everyone makes is packing the essentials with regular goods. So when you reach your new home, you’d be left scrambling for your toothbrush, towels, night suit, etc. The best way to avoid them would be to pack all such essentials - things you use daily or things you might need immediately after moving to the new house - in a single bag. Mark this bag or box clearly so as to make it easier for you to distinguish it from other boxes. This small tip could potentially avoid a lot of stress.

Ask for assistance

If you are planning to move houses all by yourself, without hiring professional packers and movers, then this tip is crucial for you. First things first, the probability of you completing this house move without any mishaps is quite low. But if you still want to catch the bull by its horns, make sure you have some helping hands. Do not shy away from asking your friends and family to help you execute this task. Take assistance from anyone and in any form. Trust us, you’d need a lot of that if you are going the DIY route!

Now that you know about these handy tips for a last minute house move, that prospect may appear a lot less daunting than it previously did. Thank us later!

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