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We are living in a metrosexual society where not only women but even men give a lot of consideration to grooming and dressing up to uphold their overall personality in order to be presentable. However, before grooming, maintaining a hygiene level plays a major role in ensuring basic cleanliness. To know more about the starter pack of hygiene and grooming, here are the 10 hygiene products that every man should own.

1. Hair Styling Product

Setting one's hair is one of the most important things that makes or breaks the appearance for a man and with so many styling products like gels, oils and serums in the market, it can get a little intimidating to choose the right one. Pick the product that suits your hair type and length and you will be all set for the day. 

2. Shower Gel

Shower gels are the first step to cleansing your body thoroughly and makes you feel luxurious and smell divine at the same time. The components of gel not only fight the rigid dirt and bacteria but also refreshes your sense by imparting sparkling beads and various sea mineral extracts.

3. Trimmer

We are all up for facial hair in men but the overall bodily hair needs to be taken care of time to time to maintain the hygiene of the body since nobody likes too much of hair these days, hair trimmers are the starter packs of keeping your body clean and crisp. Flipkart has a wide range of trimmers for men in exciting prices, Don’t forget to use the Flipkart coupons while shopping to get the best of the deals. 

4. Shaving Kit

Every man should have his own shaving kit for the sanitation reasons and it will also save you from the multiple visits to the salon for frequent shaving. There are so many advanced brands in the market that produces shaving razors of all kinds of designs. Make sure you clean properly post shave and before a shave to ensure no bacteria is left behind.

5. Bathing Bar

Shower gels sometimes cannot do a great justification for the whole bathing process and might not take away the impurities and excess moisture from your body. Bathing bars will help your skin to replenish itself and will also help in scrubbing the germs off easily. Pick the kind of soap that will suit your skin type to avoid any allergies.

6. Face Wash

Most of the guys use their body soaps only for washing the face. In reality, your facial skin is way more sensitive than the body and subjecting it to the harshness of the soap will just affect it all the way more. Pick a gentle formulation for your face that cleanses it and removes the dead cells thoroughly.

7. Deodorant

Not enough emphasis can be put on the importance of a good body odor. Men who smell good are so rare and turns off the opposite sex instantly. During the excessive heat, nobody wants to smell your sweat and dirt. Always use deodorant and carry one around if you can to repeat the sprays from time to time. A good fragrance instantly lifts up your aura. Get your favorite scent from Flipkart and enjoy the benefits of the Flipkart cashback

8. Exfoliating Scrub

There’s a myth that needs to be broken about exfoliating scrub that it is merely a girl’s thing. Exfoliating is as important for men as it is for women. Exfoliating scrubs not only removes the dead skin off the surface but also prevents the unwanted ingrown hair. Preferable pick the scrub that if made out of natural ingredients and be regular is using the same for positive results.

9. Hydrating Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a must for everyone today. Especially for men, the moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated and helps in making the face stubble more soft and smooth. Moisturizing will prevent the uneven growth of facial hair will avoid it from being too hard and rough on the face.

10. Lip Balm

Taking care of your lips is so underrated among the guys, but keeping your lips always hydrated and moisturized is so important. Nobody wants to look at the chapped lips and you wouldn’t want to feel the roughness yourself. It’s important to always have a lip balm on you, it doesn’t obviously need to be tinted, and even the basic moisturizing ones will do. 

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Author: Maheroo Butt


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