How Are You Promoting Your Business Today ?

by Bob Riddell
You know this is absolutely the biggest question we hear
day in and day out. How do I or how can I effectively promote
my product or service without spending a fortune. How do
I get prospects to write or call me?

Great questions that have very real but pointed answers. Most
folks think that running a business offline or online is just going
to be a leisurely stroll in the park. Farthest thing from the truth !
You have to do alot of preperation or due diligence first.

You then have to understand the concepts of advertising marketing
and the whole pyschology used to drive these concepts. I know
what your thinking right about now. Man I cant even spell some of
those words much less use them. Absolutely correct ! ! !

Anyone thinking or wanting to believe that you dont have to invest
time in your education, invest time in practical application of that
education by testing and refining and retesting then applying is
absolutely going to FAIL ! !

Its been best said by Zig Ziglar himself: We Dont Plan To Fail We
Simply Fail To Plan ! ! !

So how and where and at what price and for how long does all this
and these things come to be ? Again another series of excellent
questions. The answer really here is very simple but for some reason
made to be so complex !

Find first those that are already successfull in there own right in
these specific areas and reach out to them for if they are true to
their own words they will help YOU !

By following successfull individuals or groups to the exact letter of
that concept you then and only then have any chance whatsoever of
becoming successfull over some period of time ! More on that one
later ........................

So now that we know what we know ......... whats next ? ? ?

That my friend is left totally up to YOU ! ! !

Step Up and Stand Out by seeking out the help of folks that Im
referring to right now ! today ! not tomorrow or next week or next
month or next year ! If you wait in this area alone you will delay
or better yet INSURE that you will spend a small fortune and only
to become widly unsuccessfull at the least !

I like to call these folks my 62 day wonders ? After 62 days and
thousands of dollars with no real results they're wondering what
the you know just happened ? ? ?

Call us write us emplore us empower us to help YOU TODAY ! ! !

Bob Riddell
LeadPower Marketing Group

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Kathy Hamilton Committed   
Hello Sooner fan,
It was very nice Talking to you, just Advertise your Presence and Market your Identity.
Here is the link we talked about
go to 3D virtual Reality down load free go to Destiny world download and take your free tour.I am in tower 1 on the 15th floor
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here are other links that will be helpful to you as well.

Hello my friends,
I think it is very important for everyone to build relationships with others. share ideas and helpful tips.
Let your self be used as a sounding board for others when they need advise or direction.
Devolope friendships along with business partnerships.
Make your self accessible to others.
People in other countries lack time restrainsts.
I make my self accessible because my day time is there night time my night time is there day time.
I leave my door open 24/7
If I am available great if not leave message I get right back as soon as I can.
Post your profile every where.
If your not out there no one knows you are there.
your profile stands for your business card. leave it behind everywhere.
Go where no man dares to go,
Have confidense in yourself Be dilegent in all you do, most of all have passion in what you do.

here are some places for you to go put up a profile and share with others what you have and who you are.
Hey Everyone,

Get involved with these communities get your business and your presence noticed.

You owe it to yourself to get all the exposure you could and want.

join free leave your business card behind profile.

share your business ideas with others.

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Kathy Hamilton
253 277 1238

Come join my communities
you can earn money while Advertising your business.

Kathy Hamilton
253 277 1238
May 25th 2007 16:43   
Collette Johnson Professional   Collette's Naturals
Hello you 2
I couldnt have said it better myself!

Aug 27th 2007 08:12   
Shan IncognitoNOT Advanced  
Shall have to read this later.

Today I visited apsense, auto surfed Dragon's Gold Surf which is manuel during the week;), and I did a little digging and joined a couple of new promotional tools I found. Also made some forum posts.

Just one of the many things I need to check out

TiredMLMer shall have to post this blog where I can re-e-find it easy over on Cindy's spam section.

Sep 16th 2007 04:53   
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