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My name is Kathy Hamilton

I am a network Marketer.This is my Passion to share my faith with others through network marketing.I have different views and different theories on things.I love my daughters and my sons.I have alot of love and passion for my friends.I love to be everyones angel on there shoulders.I love to bring gladness and hope into peoples hearts.I will always be there for you if you need a friend or just someone to talk to.I will try to never let you down.I want to teach everyone how to be successful in network marketing.I want to bring back the true meaning of networking back to the people.I want to teach people to walk by faith not by sight.

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Do you need more business? Do you need an increase in traffic to your website or company? Do you want to network with entrepreneurs outside your local/state area as well? Do you want to meet others business entrepreneurs that share your dreams and goals of a creating a successful business? Do you want to receive helping hints and topics from our experts? Do you have the desire to help others succeed?

Bizpreneur's Network is a NEW online business resource center & business community. It is designed to provide the entrepreneur with the tools needed to start up, grow and flourish into a profitable business.

You are now a registered member and you can branch out through our community of other businesses. This will provide you the opportunity to form business relationships that you otherwise may not have been able to form on your own.


Kathy Hamilton/simikathy.com


253 277 1238


Decide what is your future worth to you???



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Kathy has been a great friend for almost as long as I have been online. She's a top notch marketer and has a warm and caring heart. She is quick to help a friend and all around good people.
 - zeus8894 September 27th, 2010

Kathy is one of my key online mentors. I value her advice and insights. Her blogcast radio interviews are always enjoyable. Follow her wherever you find her, because she is wise.
 - wbaranowski February 10th, 2010