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Hello all and welcome to Collette's Naturals, (previously Hillynut's Health Hut). I have been in Sales and marketing for over 20 years. Mostly working for someone else at a J.O.B (just over broke). I finally got fed up with the office politics, long hours, no appreciation, and having a "career" that was going no where FAST! I decided to go for broke with my own business.

I have to admit that I did get burnt several times! Boy, are there alot of scammers out there! That is when I finally found the Right company with the right products & compensation plan! I was over joyed!

I then jumped into the networking arena and met a lot of people who had the same bad experiences that I did and some were burned even worse than I was.

It was then that I decided to start Hillynut.com! I wanted to give people a place where they could go to find business opportunitys, Advertising sources, etc., that were legitimate!

I spent alot of time researching the different companys before placing them on my site. I am constantly updating and adding new content. What started out as a Business Opportunity/Blog site turned into a full fledged website, lol. It got so busy that Microsoft decided they were going to start charging me for it so I closed the site down.

I now work from home full time,and enjoy alot of free time that I use for my hobbies, Networking sites and helping others in anyway I can.

I just recently moved to a nicer location and changed my business name from Hillynut's Health Hut to Collette's Naturals. I am now located inside Lima's Gallery 309, 2755 Harding Hwy in Lima Ohio

Open now : Fri - Sun 10-6pm

You can view the many products I have right here from this site and I am constantly researching and testing out new products to add.

I also just recently developed my own skin care line called Collette's Naturals (trade mark)

I have Body Cream in Unscented, Calming,Energizing, English Garden, and Laura's Summer. All have been a huge HIT! I also now have Fresh & Lovely Facial Cream, and Fresh and Lovely Anti Aging Cream AND JUST ADDED: BODY BUTTER! 


 Now working on Facial Wash and Scrubs!

All of Collette's Naturals Body Creams use Organic Oils and ONLY pure essential Oils for scenting! The facial Creams are completely UN SCENTED! 

I am keeping the pricing low and because I do NOT use artificial preservatives, I make them in small batches so special orders are okay! If you are NOT local and can not stop into the store but wish to order, please  email me here and I will take your payment via PAYPAL ONLY! Shipping charges are only what it costs ME to mail the order to you. I do NOT charge Handling!

I offer All Natural Gourmet Candies, All Natural Health Supplements & Toxic Free Skin care & home/personal care items 


New Now: Check out the my Fan page on Facebook!


You can reach the link by clicking on AFFLIATES TAB

 Also now carrying Organic food products like  Black Beans ,  split peas, and barley!

Please feel free to tour the pages and let me know what you think!

Blessings & Much Success!

Collette Johnson



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Collette has done very well for herself as a business professional since joining APSense a few years ago. She has been consistent online. I recommend the business opportunities that Collette has to you in the hope that you will finally start making money online if you join any of them.
 - bronnamdi December 21st, 2013

Very Nice, I like it. You have got it looking nice and some good products also. keep the good work friend.
 - zzand67 March 16th, 2010

Hello Elayne It all depends on what type of Health product you are promoting. Please give me more details so I can properly direct you. Email me thru apsense. I requested you add me to your contacts : ) Thanks so much for visiting! Collette
 - collette October 27th, 2008

hello collete, can you tell me how to promote health product by online?
 - elayne September 27th, 2008

Hi Collette, Your ABC is VERY Nice. I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement you left at my site. Thanks.
 - bigyellowdog October 16th, 2007

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