Who is the better leader — Donald Trump, Putin, or Modi?

Asked by Ajay kumar Singh, in Others

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Sayyed Noman Ali Committed   Digital Marketing Manager
Modi is the better leader..
Mar 20th 2018 07:31   
Sandeep Sharma Innovator  Interior Designer
Modi is a great leader
Mar 20th 2018 08:20   
Ajay kumar Singh Committed  SEO, SMM, SMO, Digital Marketing..
I think, Putin is good leader.
Mar 20th 2018 10:54   
Amanda Perkins Freshman  Content writer. Health & Fitness
According to me, Till now in India, Modi is the great leader. He has taken such good actions those hasn't been taken for a while and by previous leaders. He is doing work and making policies strategically. He has vision. He really wants to make his country and countrymen's future bright.
Mar 21st 2018 00:14   
Gurumurthy gurumurthy Freshman  digital and network marketing
our very own narendra modi
Mar 21st 2018 01:09   
John Smith Freshman  Owner
Modi is a great leader.
Mar 21st 2018 04:41   
Mary Lyon Advanced  BASE Engineering INC
Till now in India, Modi is the great leader.
Mar 21st 2018 06:05   
Fine Doors Advanced  High quality wooden front doors and interior doors
I think, Putin is good leader.
Mar 21st 2018 06:14   
Franto Hruz Magnate I   - Our Team Members Get More Value
Modi may be doing ok in India but as a political leader of global proportions, Vladimir Putin is clearly outstanding ...
Mar 21st 2018 21:16   
Enlightened Buddha Junior  Enlightened Buddha
Modi is a great leader.
Mar 21st 2018 22:46   
Digital Unlocker Junior  Web Master SEO Analyst
Modi is better leader
Mar 21st 2018 23:36   
Tentaran Tips Advanced  Health
Modi is better then all
Mar 22nd 2018 00:25   
Alisha Sharma Innovator  Go4Customer
Modi is Best of Best
Mar 22nd 2018 01:34   
Ambreen Sajjad Innovator  Content Marketer
I think none of them is good enough to be called 'better'
Mar 22nd 2018 02:29    Edited in Mar 22nd 2018 02:29
Hai Le Advanced  I'm Marketer
Tôi nghĩ rằng Putin, là một người lãnh đạo tài ba.
Mar 22nd 2018 02:55   
Rashid Hassan Innovator  Digital Marketing Expert
Putin is the best leader
Mar 22nd 2018 06:06   
Gjohn appleton Junior  Warehouse operator/retail
I would say put in STANDS a better chance
Mar 22nd 2018 12:35   
faii acy Magnate II   GPT Site Owner/Operator
Are those our only choices?
Mar 22nd 2018 23:21   
Liz Bakker Freshman  Technical Support Engineer
i think
Putin is the best leader
Mar 23rd 2018 01:46   
Joker Fontano Advanced  Publisher
Vladimir is the leader
Mar 23rd 2018 01:51   
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