Who is the better leader — Donald Trump, Putin, or Modi?

Asked by Ajay kumar Singh, in Others

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Alex Carter Advanced  Mechanic Assistant
Putin is good leader. Donald Trump terrible leader
Mar 23rd 2018 03:29   
Deepak Kumar Advanced  Sr. SEO Executive
Modi Ji is BEST leader in world
Mar 23rd 2018 04:22   
Vietnam Visa Freshman  Vietnam Visa
Putin is the best leader
Mar 23rd 2018 23:22   
David Liu Advanced  Specialized in Virgin Human Hair Extensions
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Mar 24th 2018 07:09   
Seema J. Advanced   Online Tax Filing
I think Modi is the best leader.
Mar 25th 2018 23:48   
Amit Kumawat Advanced  Director at D Amies Technologies
Modi is the best leader. he is handling country like India which has major issues of poverty, religion and cast
Mar 26th 2018 00:31   
Ross Roberts Freshman   The Stump Grinding Guy
I know who is not the greatest leader...
Mar 27th 2018 03:06   
Ricky Makan Advanced  Co-Founder at Unkrypted
Modi is quite good than both.
Mar 27th 2018 04:07   
Gabriel Fulton Innovator  Publisher
I think Vladimir Putin
Mar 29th 2018 04:35   
Steven A. Donaldson Tycoon II Premium Native speaking English teacher
Trump is amazingly good!
Mar 29th 2018 04:55   
Monika C. Senior  Freelance Writer
Vladimir Putin and Modi
Mar 29th 2018 04:57   
OYO Weddings Freshman  India's Largest Hospitality Company
Narendra Modi Better Leader
Mar 29th 2018 05:31   
Sagar Singh Advanced   Digital marketer
Mar 29th 2018 09:55   
Apsroom Wenty Freshman  Robe de cocktail courte
Narendra Modi Better Leader
Mar 30th 2018 02:04   
Saba Maqbool Junior  Digital Marketing
narendra modi is a better leader than the other two
Mar 30th 2018 06:13    Edited in Mar 30th 2018 06:17
Myil Raj Innovator  Web Developer
I vote for PUTIN! A great leader with great vision...
Mar 30th 2018 23:19   
Brenda W. Professional   Life Learner
Oh my! What a question! My feeling is that none of the above. Usually I select the "LESSOR OF THE EVIL ONES" but in this case, there is NO ONE I could select.
Apr 4th 2018 13:50   
Gd Goenka University Junior  G D Goenka Education City
All are the best leader in the world. but first two leaders represent world powers country. Narendra Modi is a represent future world powers.
May 9th 2018 01:05   
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