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faii acy, keep up the great work you do here I see how you inspire people here at Apsense as you have me.
 - bobmh1111 August 24th, 2022

Faii has vast experience in CPA and owns the GPT website. I admire his enthusiasm and looking forward to learning more about affiliate networks and performance marketing from him.
 - lkshkapoor123 August 23rd, 2022

Thanks for having me as one of your contact connection,I appreciate.
 - jp19 August 9th, 2022

faii acy started out using PTC sites as a way to earn a bit of money. Since then moved mostly to GPT sites where he worked as mod/admin until finally taking it over completely in May 2012. Also employed by a major CPA affiliate
 - indiagiftcake July 20th, 2022

Great Person to help every one and knowledgeable person.
 - jennybrown1 June 27th, 2022


faii acy
Sherbrooke, Canada
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