Noise control method for rice mill

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Everyone's tolerance to the noise of the rice mill is limited. In view of the noise range, the daytime cannot exceed 50-60dB (A), and the noise required at night cannot exceed 40-45dB (A). We have eff
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  • 1. All equipment, operation, protection, etc. of the components of the whitening room are considered for noise reduction.
  • (1) In order to ensure the smooth running of the rice milling machine and reduce the vibration, it is necessary to check the level of the rice milling machine and tighten the anchor bolts.
  • It is necessary to carry out static balance test before the roller is used. The method is as follows: the two ends of the sand roller shaft are placed on the calibrated horizontal knife edge or the pa
  • If the orientation after each stop is unchanged, the downward direction of the roller is clarified. At this time, first roll the 1~2 section sanding roller 180 and then experiment from the beginning
  • If it is still untreated, the sand roller scraper can be used to scrape off part of the sand surface layer in a side-by-side direction and it is necessary to reach equilibrium.
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(2) The surface of the sanding roller is not flat, and it is trimmed with a sanding roller. When trimming the sanding roller, the bottom of the groove and the edge of the groove should be rounded to reduce the damage of the rice. When repairing, the sand roller should be mounted on the shaft, and the shaft should be overhead to prevent the sand roller from touching the ground and damaging the sand surface. In the process of dressing, the tapping should be light, the file should be fast, and the groove shape should be correct.

(3) When rolling the roller device, it is necessary to align the ribs or grooves of each roller, and the joints should be flat. In the case of the sanding roller device, between 0.25 mm and 0.5 mm thick cardboard should be placed between the roller and the screw conveyor, between the roller and the roller to avoid looseness, misalignment and damage of the roller. When installing the device, the shaft of the sand roller should be erected on the ground by the effect of the end pulley. It should not be put on the ground and placed in the horizontal direction. Because it is not easy to tighten, it also simply wears the sand surface.

(4) If the sand roller has cracks, it should be prohibited. If the roller surface is significantly pitted or missing, it should be replaced or repaired in time.

(5) When the rice sieve is installed, the rice sieve should be kept flat, avoiding the high center at both ends or the low center height at both ends. The rice screen joint should be flat, avoiding overlap and not allowing the overlap. The gap at the joint should not be greater than 2mm to avoid making the rice grain more noisy during the impact and tumbling process.

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