Your Writing For More Than APSense Members

by Cindy Bolley HHCTB?
I had an interesting personal message the other day. It was from a person who has been a member of APsense for awhile but has not been very active lately. He told me that what he was promoting would not be of interest to the members of APSense.
I had to snicker to myself because there was a time when I would have thought the same way.
If you have ever held back posting at APSense because you didn't think other APSense members would be interested, Please pay attention. I am going to share a little secret with you and if you don't go telling everyone, it will be even better for you. Because many people don't know this and when they do.... LOOK OUT! Everyone will be posting about EVERYTHING.
Here is the secret... so keep it to yourself!
Not only do members of APSense read the posts but those Google Spiders also read them.
Google loves APSense, it always has.
Now, if you don't know what that means let me try to explain it to you without going into to much detail. I know I get a blank stare on my face with to much information. I like to keep everything as simple as possible. I am known as Silly Cindy for a reason.
The Google Spiders love APSense. When ever a post is made with "good original content" at APSense the Google Spiders are being fed. The Spiders crawl over the posts, devouring the content and indexing what has been posted.
You'll notice I said..."good original content". That does not mean a copy and paste from somewhere.
Every morning when I log into APSense I see the same thing. I see about 2 pages of new articles that were posted by the same couple of people. The posts are nothing more than copy and paste of a bunch of words with links thrown in.
In the first place it drives my crazy when someone "LIKES" one of these silly posts or comments on it. One gal posted.. "this was interesting but a bit hard to read." Another guy suggest it would be easier to read if paragraphs were made, rather than one big blurb.
I ignore these, I don't even look at them. The Google Spiders look at them and they index them BUT.. Joe Spider says to Sam Spider, "does this sound familiar to you?" Sam spider replies, "it sure does" and they both move on to the "good original content". Those Spiders see no reason to put much effort into indexing that copy and paste stuff because the writer put no effort into posting it!
Not sure how many times I have to say it but... "Content is KING"
Your writing for the Google Spiders as well as the members of APSense,
When articles are getting "LIKES" and also getting comments this is a good thing. It is showing "activity." It is like a text message is being sent to those 2 Google Spiders that I mentioned earlier, Sam and Joe Spider. The text message reads..."ACTIVITY HERE" Look what's been added. So these Spiders come back to see what was added. The Spiders are being fed.
I love to feed those hungry Google Spiders. When you feed them the very best food they will be good to you. And once again the best food for those hungry Google Spiders.... IS......"good original content".
Don't forget... Your comments are being indexed TOO and the Spiders love to see where those links go. AND.... every time you post and reply "YOU" are there for all APSense members to see.
So to wrap up...
APSense is loved by the Google Spiders
Content is KING!
Post "good original content"
Be active by posting and replying

After all HHCTB?
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Rob aka Cerberus Magnate III   Better World Partisan
Let's not underestimate the extra power of APSense Widget if set up (configured) properly and used on our website / blog pages! ;-)
Jun 29th 2022 10:03   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Thanks for the reminder about that widget.....
Jun 29th 2022 10:11   
Rob aka Cerberus Magnate III   Better World Partisan
No problem, YVW Cindy! :-)
Jun 29th 2022 10:14   
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