Wondering how to keep your stainless steel watch clean? Here is how

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We invest our savings in buying an apple watch, it requires more attention when it's a stainless steel watch. Undoubtedly, it's sturdy, heavy and stunning, but there is one more thing you need to consider. The stainless steel watch cannot be just cleaned with a cloth and it’s all clear. It requires some particular steps for cleaning. If you have chosen the apple sport loop band the tips mentioned in this article will be helpful to you. 

Below mentioned are some important things to keep on check when you’re cleaning the apple watch

  1. Wipe it

Not a happy point to start with but it is true that the polished look of a stainless-steel watch may start to fade over time. The small openings between the metal bracelet ties are often privy to dust and dirt settling, which can contribute to wear or even corrosion.Also with water-resistant styles, due to constant swimming, saltwater exposure or even just frequent sweating, stainless steel watches may be vulnerable to corrosion. 

If you own a dive watch that is often used in saltwater or even freshwater lakes, to make sure it remains safe, new and working, it will need a bit of special care. You should wipe it properly and gently with a clean cloth. 

  1. Scrub the stainless-steel strap gently

Cleaning it doesn’t require you to study rocket science but it definitely needs some great handling to be cleansed. Using a damp, clean toothbrush to get into the crevices of the stainless-steel bracelet. Be careful of how much pressure you apply, as unnecessary scratches can be caused by a heavy hand.

  1. Using warm water to clean 

Clean it with the best solution! In warm water, dip the bracelet or run it under the tap to clean the soap away. If you leave the soap residue on the steel it’ll result in that rusty look! But the afterlook is amazing. 

  1.  Dry with a cloth that's soft 

With a bath towel, pat the watch dry or use a hair dryer on a low-heat setting to dry quickly between the ties. The small spaces need to be cleaned very accurately; you may have to take a closer look for that. 

How many times should your stainless-steel watch be cleaned? 

Give it a deep clean once a month if you wear your watch every day. Also keep your apple watch sport loop cleaned as it does require cleaning after some time. Every day, the most attentive watch wearers wipe down their timepieces. Your watch will benefit from quick cleaning, just like washing your face and brushing your teeth before bed. Wipe down the interior of the band using a soft cloth, plus the back and front of the case.

If you’re not much confident getting your hands on it, it's also worth getting your watch in for a professional service and cleaning every once and awhile. A professional can polish away scratches that are impossible for your toothbrush. To ensure your timepiece is in solid working order, a jeweller may also perform daily tune-ups, including gasket replacement to maintain water resistance.

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