How to clean the stainless steel elbow

by yane Yang Sales Manager

Usually when the stainless steel elbow rust, usually with a special cleaning agent for cleaning rust. And in daily use should also be more cleaning. Such as stainless steel elbow, surface dust or easy to remove stains, it should be washed with warm water or weak detergent, and even soapy water is also possible. If the stainless steel elbow on the surface of the trademark and other sticky film, but also can be washed with weak detergent, but after washing, but also with clean water and dry.

Installation of stainless steel elbow, according to the use of location for installation. Under normal circumstances, can be installed in any position on the pipeline inspection, but easy to manipulate, if need to pay attention to the flow direction of medium stainless steel elbow is vertical upward flow below the valve, then the stainless steel elbow can be installed horizontally. In addition, when installing the stainless steel elbow, pay attention to the sealing between the elbow and the pipe, and prevent the leakage of the medium, thus affecting the normal operation of the pipeline.

Stainless steel elbow generally does not happen corrosion, pitting corrosion or corrosion or wear. The strength of stainless steel is one of the highest in building metal materials. And because the stainless steel corrosion resistance is good, so long time to maintain the integrity of the structural parts of Engineering design. Chromium containing stainless steel combines high mechanical strength and high extensibility, and can well meet the needs of processing and manufacturing of components. Common metals react with oxygen in the environment and form an oxide film on the surface. This layer of oxide film can guarantee the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is affected by alloy elements in steel body. Which is the basic chromium element provides corrosion in stainless steel, when the chromium content in stainless steel reaches about 1.2%, oxygen and external medium with chromium, forming a layer of thin and dense oxide film on the surface of stainless steel, this layer can prevent the corrosion of stainless steel by deeper.

The stainless steel material in the stainless steel elbow is a solid solution composed of chromium, nickel and other elements in the gamma -Fe, which should be considered as the mainstream stainless steel type. The main characteristics of this steel is at room temperature with arrangement of non-magnetic austenite, the low yield ratio, good plasticity, good welding performance, easy to exercise and forging hot forming; component characteristics of this steel is rich in chromium (more than 17%), nickel (8%-15%) elements and other corrosion the (such as molybdenum, niobium, titanium, etc.). Therefore, austenitic stainless steel elbow on the one hand has excellent corrosion resistance, as well as excellent mechanical performance and technical performance, so widely used in mechanical equipment.

Source: China Stainless Steel Elbow Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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