Sanitizing Your Stainless Steel Watch

by Lavina Sharma 10 year's Experience in Fashion Designing.

Watches are an accessory that never dates or goes out of style. Be it a gift from your loved ones or one of your own purchases, they always remain extremely special. Given its tough exterior and sophisticated shine, stainless steel is a pretty standard metal in the watchmaking industry. It makes the watch look classy and evergreen.

Amongst all the watches in India, stainless steel watches are quite in vogue. There are reasons behind their growing popularity. The metal provides the freedom to style the model in countless ways. Further, it is used by most of the top watch brands across the globe to produce the best models in the market. But each of these pieces can only be maintained if they are taken care of and serviced regularly. The important part of maintaining the look and function of your watch is frequent cleaning.

Read on to know how to maintain your stainless steel watches' polished shine and prevent damage to the timekeeping elements.

Why is care required?

With regular use and over time, the polished look of the stainless steel becomes dull and loses its charm. The metal bracelet has small gaps between the links that are prone to dust and dirt settling. Despite being water-resistant, the watch is vulnerable to rusting from excessive sweat and moisture.

Steps to follow

1.      Wipe it down: Start the process by gently wiping the straps and the dial with a soft cloth to remove excessive dirt or dust.

2.      Soak in soapy water: Add some antibacterial dish soap in a bowl of warm water. This will bring down the oil and settled substances in the strap. You should vary of water entering the dial as this would cause malfunction.

3.      Scrub the bracelet: Use a toothbrush to get into the gaps between the link and at the same time avoid leaving marks on the stainless steel. Damp the toothbrush and gently scrub the surface of the bracelet.

4.      Rinse with warm water: You can either dip the strap in a bowl or run it under the tap to get rid of the soap.

5.      Pat dry: Dry the watch by gently tapping it with a soft dry cloth, or using a blow-dryer. But avoid using high heat during this process.

6.      Polish: Wipe the dial and the straps with a soft cloth. You can use a glass cleaner to spray the cloth before use. You can also use the glass cleaner to polish the bracelet and clean all the gaps between the links.

Follow these steps to get the best possible shine on your watch and ensure it stays brand new. You can find the perfect watch for you at Timex. They have the best collection of stainless steel watches, quartz watches, mechanical watches, and military watches online. Choose from a wide range of models to find a watch that suits your taste and style. 

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