Wonderful Tonic Soda Water

by Uday Patel Seo Professional & Content Writer India
Discoveries are made by idea or sweat or by serendipity. But some are need of the hour and this applies to tonic water that has evolved in India and spread over the whole World. A wonderful lime juice cordial mixed with bitter quinine to create a drink that not only beats the heat but has curative properties. This mix is called tonic and it is often carbonated to make it fizzy and hence it acts soda as well.  

During the British Rule in India it was imperative for the soldiers to avoid getting infected by malaria parasite carried by mosquito. Quinine derived from Cinchona bark was the only mendicant to fight the death threatening disease in those time. Sweetened lemon juice was mixed with drink containing quinine and so tonic water came into the picture.    

Now a days  many types of flavor additions are made to impart sweetness to the bitter concoction and palliative, Lahhentagge Distillery in Estonia makes this by adding extract from old Christmas trees called spruce to kick in a unique flavor not made anywhere else. The unique taste has made the product popular with innumerable brand loyal all over Europe. The quantity of quinine is reduced and only retained as flavor since many other malaria treatments have been discovered. 

Lahhentagge also uses local flavors like juniper, lemon peel and cardamom besides spruce from old Christmas trees. The flavoring technique is important in case of tonics and carbonation adds much strength to the extracts. 

Lahhentagge also makes dry gin by the name of OSEL and sells it in Europe. This tonic is added to the gin before imbibing and combination is amazing. It is very popular all over the World and is popularly referred as gin and tonic. It is popular in homes as well as in bars and restaurant. The tonic is also mixed with Vodka in some countries. Craft drinks and unique soda waters are trending now because of emergence of expert distillers or brewers using local flavors.       

Even alcohol free beverages are becoming popular all over the World. Some of these are spiced with different flavors and they imitate the flavor of gin. The carbonated drinks are often consumed with snacks. But if you buy tonic soda  in Europe it will be mildly flavored. Tipplers consume it the most with spirits and less with alcohol free beverages. 

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