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by Abhinav Bhatt Hair Transplant

Hair loss may have an adverse effect on your health leading to your inability to sleep properly at times. And in order to help you out, a hair growth tonic can do wonders and ease out your worries in the end. 

So let’s understand the real cause of hair fall that can help us find a hair fall solution efficiently. Listed below are a few common hair breakages and hair fall reasons:

1. Incorrect Shampoo Use

Knowing your hair type can help prevent dryness, brittleness, and hair loss. For example, if you have dry or frizzy hair, you will highly benefit from a hair shampoo that provides extra moisture to your hair. In fact, you can use the best anti-hair fall solution, if you've already started noticing hair loss. But if you use the wrong shampoo, you'll end up on a worse note. So a hair fall treatment solution with vitamins in it can address your hair problems and help you get the desired results.

2. Proper Hair Care Routine

Excessive use of heat and high temperature can damage your hair by all means. And keeping out in the sun for too long, not washing your hair properly, or even washing your hair too often while neglecting basic hair care can result in extreme hair loss.

However, making a few changes in your hair care regimen or routine such as oiling your hair at regular intervals, taking a proper diet, lifestyle change, combing your hair, and most important using the right hair fall solution can all help combat the problem in a single go. 

3. Include Proper Diet In Your Routine

If you want to stick to a diet, then you must include certain vitamins and minerals in certain portions. Vitamins and minerals are good for all hair growth, hence they can also be the best remedy for hair loss. All hair types have different needs but they still need nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to maintain healthy hair. In fact, including enough nutrients and having seasonal food can all contribute to erasing nutritional deficiencies and healthy hair. 

4. Physical and Mental Stress

Extreme physical or mental stress, constant illness, intense dieting, or drastic weight fluctuation can also lead to hair loss. Hair shedding (follicles falling out) can be an attribute to many irresponsible factors. In fact, on more than one occasion, if you take stress then it can lead to hair breakage, making your hair brittle and dry at the same time. So, reducing anxiety and stress can not only help one to stop hair loss but also help promote healthy hair for a long time. You can also use shampoo for your hair after an intense physical workout. 

5. Hair fall due to heredity

Our hair genes play a lot of roles in how it turns out to be. A lot of hereditary hair loss problems show up in families. Both men and women can be affected by male pattern baldness, but the latter is far more likely to have alopecia and inherit it from their mother. Sometimes it is impossible to prevent hair fall, but you can always try an invigorating yet gentle hair fall solution. In the event that this fails, you can always refer to a well-known expert in the field by identifying the cause of hair loss, and find a cure for it!

Find the Hair Fall Symptoms

If you have been experiencing hair fall whenever you travel without even knowing it then my friend, you need to be careful. According to experts, losing 50 to 100 hair strands per day can be normal, but if you have been experiencing more than that, then it’s rightly advised that you consult your doctor on an immediate note. Besides that, you can easily determine whether you need a hair fall treatment by considering all of the symptoms.

1. Hair thinning on your crown

If your hair has been thinning more than usual or if your hair volume has been drastically decreasing. The best way to determine if you really need a hair fall remedy is to watch the volume of hair in your crown area and keep an eye on it. 

2. Bald patches

A small bald spot, or perhaps more accurately a coin-sized area of one's scalp, can be a sign of baldness. Regardless of whichever way you choose, it’s strongly recommended that you use a hair growth tonic that nourishes your scalp and hair immediately in one application. 

3. Sudden Hair Loss

While your hair may have been in good strength, but at times, sudden shock or strong hair ties can result in hair loss and majorly result in hair thinning. However, a complete hair loss program like using a good hair growth tonic in a daily routine can prevent it from further hair loss. 

4. Losing hair from body parts

While male pattern baldness occurs on the top of the head, it affects the rest of the body as well. All of your body's cells may eventually lose their ability to produce hair, and your hair may not grow back for months or years. Additionally, this can be a result of irreversible treatments such as chemotherapy. But don’t worry! Using a proper hair growth tonic can help improve the situation while bringing back the hair to its natural form. 

The Best Way To Stop Hair Fall

1. Everyday practices to control hair fall

For most people, making a simple change in their lifestyle can have a profound effect on hair health. It's not what you do every day, but the quality of the decisions you make every day. Good habits can have a long reach and a direct effect on your hair. Just make sure to comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb on wet hair. 

All you need to do is find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

2. Select Right Hair Care Products

Do everything you can to stay away from harmful chemicals in your hair products. In fact, use a hair growth tonic that nourishes and locks moisture, to get healthier hair in the long run. At the same time beware of using hair products that may cause damage and weaken your hair. Using the right shampoo and hair condition regularly can protect your hair from falling out. In fact, Studio6 Clinics S6 Thickening Hair Tonic is recommended on a daily basis for smooth open hair all day long. 

3. Style It, don't fight it

Keeping your scalp healthy is equally important as getting a new hair look. And in order to achieve it avoid bleaching, straightening, coloring, and treatments with harsh products and chemical treatments. In fact, before you blow-dry your hair, use Studio6 Clinic Thickening Hair Tonic to guard it against breakage and falling.

4. Time for some lifestyle changes

To achieve greater results, adopt a lifestyle that’s the least resistant. It may not only help alter your way of life but can also help solve a lot of problems from its roots. Having troubles with hair? Develop a few good habits that can give your hair a blast and keep you fit and healthy too.

5. A great hair massage

Massaging your head in a proper manner has shown to be the most effective for improving blood circulation, and thus protecting your hair health. Because it promotes hair growth, you tend to experience less stress and lose less hair. Massaging your hair is not only good for your hair but also best for your scalp health.

6. Vitamin-rich food or products 

Vitamins are commonly found in many foods, but hair gets the short end of the nutrition stick in most cases, although there are some instances where they are missing. However, Omega-3 can help you prevent hair loss as it’s rich in protein, iron, and is a proven way to reduce hair loss. One of the best measures to reduce hair fall is by using Studio6 Clinics Thickening Hair Tonic which’s rich in nutrients and oils.

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