With Kirby Fighters 2 Hal Laboratory Will Hope That the Game Resonates with Players

by Alessia Martine

Developed by HAL Laboratory, Kirby is an action video game published by Nintendo. The Protagonist of the game is an alien named Kirby, who tries to fend off all the threats to its home planet. Most games in the Kirby series are side-scrolling platformers that have puzzle-solving in addition to other perks they have. The alien has the unique ability to gulp his enemies and then shoot them as projectiles. It also has copy ability which enables it to ingest objects and use their properties or powers as a weapon. The series has now over 30 games and has sold a total of 38 million units all over the world, making it one of the top 50 best-selling video game franchises of all time. 

 The latest addition to the series Kirby Fighters 2 has been a surprising one. The latest game did not get the rollout that one might expect as it was surreptitiously dropped on the Nintendo Site. However, this sort of approach can have its own silver linings. Now that there are no expectations attached, therefore the team need not put much effort as the bar is not too high to reach. Usually, this type of strategy is adopted when the game is not good enough. But sometimes such games end up surprising their creators. So how is the game? Is it good or bad? Well, that depends on who you ask. 

 The game does resemble platform fighters like Super Smash Bros., and it is a follow up to Super Kirby Clash. On the one hand, we have Super Smash Bros. that seems to be torn between a casual experience and a competitive scene. Kirby Fighters 2 appears much more decisive about the type of users it wants to serve as it is inclined more towards casual experience. It is full of contrivance stages that have mindless threats put in at awkward instances. 

 The game is team-oriented, and the default way to play it is a two-on-two competition in online multiplayer or story mode. The exciting aspect of the game is that the move sets are arranged in the fashion that they are going to make the right balance with the partner necessary. In case if you have a Beam, which is ideal for long-range attacks, you will need to have a balance so you should go for a partner like Swords to help you deal with close-range attacks as well. However, you will find out that the computer-controlled partners are not of much help except for keeping the opponents busy for some time in which you can plot something.  

The main mode of Kirby Fighters 2 is its Story Mode. In it, you have to fight consecutive conflicts so that you can ascend to the tower to confront Meta Knight and King Dedede finally. You along with your partner, which can either be your friend or CPU will start with little health and base-level abilities, and after each battle, you will have the choice to make relevant upgrades. Your preferences will make a world of difference as you advance to the top of the tower. 

 Every chapter of the story mode will mean stronger foes and a higher number of stages. However, this also implies that one can get more chances for better upgrades. You also have the option to save the game at any stage and retry but getting through the stages without a defeat earns higher scores and a gold-icon to signify success. You have the option to play the game online even though playing locally among four players is fun as well. As far as the online version is concerned, you will get matched with random individuals, the experience of being matched with a complete stranger can be surprisingly entertaining, or it might also turn out to be demotivating depending on who you get matched with. The game is way better with a partner whether a friend or an online match, however, there is a need to be mindful of the person you are playing along when you have found someone randomly online.

After an average performance of the much-anticipated Super Kirby Clash, Kirby Fighters 2 has finally hit the market for $19.99, since it is a paid title, the game is fun, and the costumes of certain characters are also playful and exciting. Although the game has a very small player base, it is still a good option as one can play it with friends too. Kirby Fighters 2 regardless of its quirkiness, is still an entertaining game that you should definitely not miss out on.  

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