Google is Eventually Fixing Windows 10 Chrome High RAM Usage Issue

by Alessia Martine

Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers worldwide as it has ideal browsing features that you may not find on other browsers. However, when it comes to using Chrome on Windows 10 computers, many users complain that it uses a lot of RAM, CPU, and other system resources, making the computer completely unresponsive.

Even though it provides an excellent user interface and browsing features, many users openly criticize that it consumes all RAM and CPU, leaving no space for other applications to work. This is one of the most highlighted issues with the Windows 10 Chrome browser, and up till now, there is no reliable solution. Google is continually working to improve its performance on the Windows 10 operating system.

We have also noted that the browser sometimes becomes extremely slow on Windows 10 computers. Especially when we open multiple tabs on Chrome, it can make your whole computer significantly slow. According to various studies, the Windows Chrome browser utilizes RAM in a unique manner, and as a result, it consumes most of the RAM of your computer. Hence, whenever you want to use Google Chrome and other software on a computer simultaneously, your computer may become unresponsive. This happens because Google Chrome alone eats all RAM and CPU power of a computer. According to a recent report, the search engine ruler, Google, is trying to fix this issue so that users can flawlessly access Chrome on Windows 10.

Recently, we heard that the company is nowadays working diligently to fix the high RAM usage and the crashing problem of their Windows 10 Chrome. This news is interesting since it gives us encouragement to keep using Chrome browsers even though it sometimes misbehaves and malfunctions due to high RAM usage.

Chrome crashing and high RAM usage on Windows 10 is more common on low specification computers. The systems that run on low-grade processors often become unresponsive when Chrome is used. However, internet browsing shouldn’t be much RAM and resource-consuming, according to tech experts. Other Windows 10 browsers, like Microsoft edge and more, don’t consume RAM like Chrome. Google is trying to improve the algorithm of the Windows 10 Chrome browser so that it will not consume CPU RAM and other resources like it does.

According to the news, in the upcoming update of the Windows 10 Chrome browser, the company will significantly fix the high RAM usage and crashing issues so that users can fluently Surf the internet.

The news further explains that Google and Microsoft are working on troubleshooting the Windows 10 Chrome browser’s slow performance and crashing issues. Microsoft claims that the TerminateProcess feature of the Windows 10 operating system can help reduce the Chrome browser’s high RAM usage. If Microsoft is right in this statement, then we might be able to use the web browser correctly on Windows 10 in the coming days, even on low-end PCs.

Improved Stability

Google claims that it will now use a feature called TerminateProcess to fix the Chrome issues on Windows 10. This feature will help Chrome in closing unused processes effectively, improving the overall stability and performance of the browser. It will also fix some unexpectedly crashing issues on the web browser.

In other words, Chrome will perform better with its future upgrade on Windows 10. This new update will provide a better internet browsing experience for those who typically use various tabs at once on their browser. People would be able to use Chrome for prolonged periods without facing any slow performance even if they use multiple tabs simultaneously.

Temporary Solution

Until Google fixes the Chrome high RAM usage issue on Windows 10, we have some tips to help you temporarily fix this problem. Please consider these suggestions while utilizing Chrome on your PC:

  • First of all, make sure to close all tabs that you don’t need any more while surfing the internet using Chrome.
  • Disable or uninstall less vital extensions from your browser.
  • Clear your browser’s browsing data every day to keep your browser faster.
  • Try to close unnecessary applications and processes in the background.

If you implement these tips, you will be able to utilize your Chrome browser effectively without putting too much load on your RAM and CPU.

Nobody wants their internet browsing to be slow and rough with lots of technical problems. Everyone wishes that they can use their browser more fluently without any crashing issues. Therefore, all users appreciate Google’s efforts to make Windows 10 Chrome better.


We hope you are also happy with Google’s keen interest to fix the ongoing issues on its iconic internet browser. That is what we got to know about it, and we hope you have found it informative.


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