Wine Business in Sicily: Winemaking Culture

by Lily B. Writer

Sicily is the source of different and unique wines. Wine business is one of the most successful in Sicily. Hundreds and hundreds of wineries are grown here. If you want to know more about the wine business, you should hire the car in Catania and go travelling through the local wineries day by day. How many days do you need? There are 9 provinces on the island and you can spend the whole day or two to learn each of them.

The Island of Sicily cannot be stopped from rapid growing. The qualities of wines continue growing too. You can try not only the new tastes of wine, but those that are world popular glorious wines. Italian wines are the greatest wines in the world! It is time to meet the most successful wine producers that are the best on the island. They are creative businessmen and historical progress of their family business.

Tasca d’Almerita

This is one of the most popular, rich and respectable families in Sicily. Tasca started their winery business in 1830. They bought the ancient villa Regaleali for that. The territory of their business is about 400 hectares now. The motto of the company is the most impressive: Traditions and innovations. The business of the greatest family is based on it. The ancient building of the winery is equipped with the innovative equipment. The best-selling wine is Rosso del Conte. This is the clear Nero d'Avola (the most popular sort of Sicilian grapes) from the old wineries.


This is an interesting fact that Planeta family is a newcomer in winery business. Nevertheless, this is the rich owner of the big territory of wineries in Sicily. This company is considered to be the oldest on the island (more than 300 hectares). What is more, Planeta has already created the kind of geographical triangle - the wine of this company is produced not only in the West, but East, South and the deep North of the country. This is the place, where the most ancient wine Mamertino is produced. It was famous from the Roman Times.

The best of the best wine of Planeta is called Santa Cecilia, made of Nero d'Avola from the South of the island. It is worth saying that company is also famous of its white wine from the rare Fianounder the name of Cometa.


The winery company Pellegrino was founded in 1880 in Marsala. First of all, it is famous of its sweet strong wine Marsala and sweet wine Passito de Pantelleria. Marsala competes with the wines from Porto. Of course, the glorious years of Marsala are far behind. Nevertheless, it is still popular to bring money. Besides, Pallegrino produces semi-sweet red and white wines of I.G.T. category.


This is one of the greatest wine-making companies in Sicily. It is popular of its bright and creative labels. Donnafugata belongs to Rallo family. The name of the company came from the village of the same name that was a shelter for the royalty many years ago. So, Donnafugata can be translated as donna in hiding. The company produces wanes made of Nero d'Avola, Catarratto, Grillo, Ansonica. There are also the number of rare sorts of wine such as Viognier, Tannat, Pinot noir that are often used to fulfill the taste.

The best wine of the company is the wine under the romantic name Mille e una Notte. The base of it is traditionally Nero d'Avola. There is also a secret! It is said that the taste of Nero d'Avola is combined with the number of other sorts of grapes. What are they? Oh, their names are not appointed to keep them in secret.

Etna Wine

So, Etna Wine is a small winery, village hotel and restaurant all together. It is situated at the bottom of Etna mountain. On the North side of the mountain the ground and climate is favorable for winemaking. Etna Wine is historical place. It is difficult to say when the first wineries appeared here. Nevertheless, the villa was built at the beginning of the 19th century. The historical building is located on the territory of Etna Park among the beautiful village landscapes. The wineries occupy about 10 hectares of the territory. You can meet such Sicilian grapes as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappucio, Carricante, Catarratto, Minella.

The winery is located in the ancient building. Of course, everything is kept as it was many years ago. There is also a small museum, where you can learn everything about the history of winemaking. Everything is interesting here: subjects, photos, interior items. Nevertheless, the building of winery was renewed and restored to have the unique air circulation to keep the proper temperature all the time, in winter and summer.


Benanti is the bright representative of one of the historical wine yards, located on the sides of Etna. Benanti family started their business from the end of the 19th century. Their history is deep and glorious. Besides, Benanti gives a unique opportunity to travel all over the sides of the mountain to learn the process of wine making from the very beginning. You have a chance to meet the local sorts of grapes, environment, and variety of wines that Etna kindly offers. The wines of Etna are popular all over the world. You can see the unique land that gives us the mass of different grapes and wines of different tastes. It attracts people.

Sicily is very popular place to visit. This is also the favorable platform for wine business. Such unique sorts of grapes as Nero d'Avola and others are bright representatives of Italian wine culture. If you are wine lover or just interested in tasting good wine, follow the new from Sicily attentively. You can really meet the glorious wine for budget price! Italy is rich in specialized shops and wine factories that offer to taste wine and remember its taste. Want something new? You can easily find it, if you have time to travel all over the country at least for a week or two!

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