Travel Tips: 5 Great Entertainment Venues of Reykjavik

by Lily B. Writer

Reykjavik is an amazing city. The city features several dozens of thermal pools, and there are no industrial enterprises on its territory – all the houses are heated by water from geothermal sources.

It’s cozy and green, with a rich nightlife and no less rich history, as well as incredibly clean air and a multiple selection of sights. However, despite the fact that Reykjavik is a relatively small city, it can offer a plenty of interesting entertainments. Here are some of them...


Hallgrimskirkja is one of the most symbolic buildings in Reykjavik, which is visible from almost any point of the city. As a result, the church bell tower also allows you to see any part of the city – you need only to climb to the top of the church by using stairs or elevator, which costs 700 ISK. This observation deck offers a fantastic view, as Hallgrimskirkja is located near Reykjavik city center. However, be careful because every 15 minutes the bells ring there.

This is the highest church and the sixth tallest building in Iceland. It’s named after Halgrimur Petursson – the Icelandic poet and author of the Hymns of Passion. The architect-designer who created it wanted to reflect the view of the basaltic lava spreading over the Icelandic landscapes.



Perlan is a very popular Icelandic culinary establishment, which simply filled all the pages of the world's famous magazines. Opened to the public in 1991, this peculiar restaurant of a very extravagant architecture towers above the ground at the height of 25 meters and is located on four cisterns full of water from hot springs. On the last fourth floor, the restaurant is rounded off by a huge spherical dome, where you can get a fascinating panoramic view of Reykjavik, sunset or aurora borealis.

The top floor can be accessed completely free of charge. However, you can order a table in a chic restaurant to enjoy views while dining there. The restaurant slowly rotates 360 degrees, so it's not necessary to be distracted and constantly turn your head. You just have to wait until your table will be in front of the place that you are interested in.


Family Park & Zoo

This is not an ordinary zoo. Unfortunately, there are no lions, alligators, giraffes or hippos there. But the Icelanders are concentrated on animals from farms and local wildlife - foxes, chickens, sheep, ponies, rabbits, seals and even reindeer.

Family Park & Zoo will be interesting mainly for children. It offers 19 species of animals and more than 150 individuals. Animal feeding is especially pleasant activity available in the zoo.

The zoo was opened in 1990, and in 2004 a huge aquarium with more than 20 fish species, crabs and mollusks was presented additionally.

On the territory of the zoo there’s Scientific World - tents with experimental and educational programs, where you can measure the loudness of your voice or check out your full weight in the conditions of gravity of other planets.

The visit to Family Park & Zoo costs 700/600 ISK depending on the day of the week.


Imagine Peace Tower

(photo by jaari)

Imagine Peace Tower is one of the most remarkable sights of Reykjavik, which is a huge light pillar directed to the sky. This glow is visible from almost each city point, and carries a message of peace and love - the main thing that supports life on Earth. Such a unique place cannot be ignored anyway.

Imagine Peace Tower was established in 2007 on Videy Island, on the initiative of Yoko Ono, the wife of John Lennon. The construction symbolizes the continuation of the struggle for peace throughout the world.

The Peace Tower is a 17-meter white pedestal, carved from white stone. The light column consists of six beams directed high into the sky. Its height can reach up to four kilometers in clear weather. The whole building is powered by the energy of geothermal springs, because one of the main goals of the tower installation was environmental friendliness. That’s why it was built exactly in Iceland.

You can get to the tower on boats sailing from the central pier of the city.


Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon is a unique thermal spring. The water temperature doesn’t fall below 40° C, even in the colder months. It gives an opportunity to luxuriate in warm, celestial blue water at any time of the year. This is truly a great experience, and travelers are ready to cross half the world in order to enjoy it.

Thermal springs are located on Reykjanes peninsula, formed from porous lava hundreds of years ago. The history of Blue Lagoon began in 1976, when a unique geothermal power plant was built on this territory. Later, in 1990, the locals discovered a small blue lake near the power station, which became a place for swimming. Finally, in 1999 a huge spa complex was built there.

The high-class spa complex includes a dermatological clinic, steam rooms, thermal baths, restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can buy special cosmetics. The waters of Blue Lagoon are curative - they are rich in mineral salts, quartz, blue and green algae. You can get there a complete relaxation and relieve the accumulated stress.

As you see, Reykjavik is a unique destination, and some of its major entertainment venues are quiet specific. However, these places of interest will be great spots to have fun and relax in the Icelandic capital. Want to find them on your next trip to Reykjavik? Then pick up car rental at KEF under 21 and start searching for your favorite local entertainment venues…

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