Will Intermittent Fasting Help In Losing Weight?

by Kinetix Loss Medical Weight Loss & Wellness
The direct and forthright answer to the above question is a vehement YES. In order to understand how, we need to analyze how people gain weight excessively, and how Intermittent Fasting can reverse the ill-effects causing overweight – also known as obesity.

Overweight does not accumulate overnight:

Let us face it – we have come far away from the lifestyle of our ancestors. In those days, ladies and gents had to strain their muscles for carrying out their day-to-day duties. Be it working outside for earning the living, or working inside home for housekeeping and cooking etc.,straining the body was indispensable. Their energy got spent this way.

Science and Technology have offered us sophisticated instruments, tools and equipment, to make all the above works damn easy. With the result, we don’t need to exert much physically anymore. “Finger touch” is the present day code word for doing anything and everything.

If this is the situation obtaining, where is the need for toiling and moiling with our body getting strained? Arising out of this development, the present day generation – especially women folk – accumulates extra flesh and excess weight, gradually over a period. The unspent energy gets converted to excess fat cells. Today’s universal complaint is obesity, overweight, ugly body structure, and all the consequential illnesses of obese body like diabetes, blood pressure, heart attack and so on.

Medical treatments and therapies to help weight loss:

Invariably affected people with overweight seek Medical Help. There are so may Specialty Medical Centers devoting attention to weight loss. For example, there is one most popular Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Chicago (also known among patients as “ medical weight loss clinic chicago”.)The name is Kinetix Weight Loss Center.

In this clinic, which is prominently advertising their Service as “A Modern, Science-driven Approach to Health + Wellness” lots of people affected by obesity are seeking refuge. The Specialist Doctors pay individual attention to every patient; and completely analyze the cause and repercussion of obesity affecting them.

Depending upon their findings, the Specialists advise a variety of medical-based and result-oriented therapies and treatments. To name some of them are Intermittent Fasting; Ketogenesis; Working Wellness; Post-Partum (for pregnant women); Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological treatments etc. 

The success rate is very high and the patients are happy in getting rid of their obesity, and gaining back their young, energetic, curvy body for ladies.

What is Intermittent Fasting and how it helps?

Fasting means refraining from or abstinence to consuming food. Intermittent Fasting is regulating the cycle of fasting to the pre-determined period, by the Specialists. In order to reduce the overweight, the food intake which is incessantly going in day in and day out should be restricted, and regulated by appropriate healthy meal plan.

There is yet another improved version of this meal plan, known as “intermittent fasting warrior diet”. The name is derived from the fact that in the olden days, warriors going out for a war will be very careful to forego meals, and undertake fast for hours together in the day, and eat sumptuously during night. The fasting helps them gain agility in moving with alertness and control, and the eating offers them good rest after a meal.

Depending upon the condition of the body and the extent of obesity, the Specialists advise the patient either one of the above meal plans. Intermittent fasting is 16 hours fasting and eating after 8 hours. Intermittent Fasting Warrior is 20 hours of fasting and eating fully after 4 hours.

Both the above treatments render the following advantages, according to Medical Studies:

  • It surely helps weight loss systematically and naturally
  • Improves brain health to a great extent
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Improves Blood Sugar Control
  • Lowers risk for diseases
  • Improves cellular growth
  • Eases mental depression
  • Lowers cholesterol and improves insulin resistance. 

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