Why You Should Opt for Sildenafil Tablets

by Alice Jones Business Expert

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent problem in men around the globe. Around 52% of men suffer from this problem at some point in life. Their inability to actively participate in sexual encounters and satisfy their partners negatively impacts their relationship and lifestyle. It’s a must to visit your doctor to treat the problem. Your doctor may suggest sildenafil tablets to achieve an erection and maintain it.

Sildenafil is a general formula that is sold under the brand name Viagra. This medication is used to improve erections in men and enables them to the sexual experiences to the fullest. Although it’s one of the most common medicines out thereto improve sexual dysfunction, it’s also controversial. So, make sure you consult your doctor before opting for Viagra.

Sildenafil Tablets

Benefits of Sildenafil

Sildenafil tablets were initially introduced to treat pulmonary hypertension and angina pectoris. However, it was suggested as a medication for erectile dysfunction once the medicine was tested on men. These pills are available in varying colours and sizes, depending on the brand. The most common brand is Viagra that comes in diamond-shaped, blue-coloured tablets.

Your doctor can suggest the right dose of medicine; however, a single dose can keep you sexually active for hours. You don’t need to take another dose for the next 36 hours. The medicine significantly improves erections in men. Those who find it difficult to achieve an erection can use this medicine to improve the sexual aspect of their relationship.

Sildenafil tablets work only when there is sexual stimulation and have no impacts in its absence. Once you engage in sexual activities after taking the medicine, you’ll find it easier to achieve and maintain the erection. As a result of sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released by the nervous system of the penis. Nitric oxide later produces enzymes and cGMP. This cGMP is what assists you in gaining an erection.

Potential Side-Effects

Sildenafil tablets are safe to use. However, they can lead to certain side-effects. Some men may feel a headache, flushed skin, nasal congestion, indigestion, sensitivity to light, impaired vision and heartburn after taking a dose of this medicine. However, these side-effects usually go away within a brief time.

Other potential side-effects include suffering a heart attack, painfully prolonged erection, sudden hearing loss, ventricular arrhythmias, and increased intraocular pressure. These side-effects rarely appear in men; however, some people consider this medicine a less than perfect solution for erectile dysfunction owing to these severe potential effects.

Pharmaceutical companies, selling sildenafil tablets, are obliged by the law to imprint potential hazards of these medicines on the label. So, make sure you go through this information before making a decision.

How to Prevent Its Side-Effects

These tablets are safe to use unless you’re a diabetic or heart patient. Under these circumstances, you should get in touch with a doctor before consuming the tablets to stay safe. Here are other conditions when you should avoid taking sildenafil medication.

  • If you’ve suffered an injury to the penis

  • If you’ve had a heart attack or stroke

  • If you’re allergic to medicines

  • If you have any specific eye condition

  • If your liver or kidney aren’t working at their best

To be precise, sildenafil tablets are great for treating erectile dysfunction. You can buy the medicine via However, make sure you take the tablets as per the doctor’s instructions.

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