Why to Perform Umrah in the Month of Ramadan

by Ady Grewal Content writer
Ramadan is considered as the most superior month to perform Umrah because of many reasons. Fasting in Ramadan remains one of the five fundamental pillars of the Islamic faith. These fasts had been made compulsory on every Muslim; physically healthy, mentally stable and adult. However, exceptions for the children, ill, elderly people, weak ones, women and travellers are present in particular cases. In Ramadan, Allah Almighty infinitely multiplies the reward against every good deed performed, even for the smallest acts of kindness. That’s why Ramadan remains regarded as the month of forgiveness and blessings for the believers.  

So, if you are opting for cheap Ramadan umrah packages from UK or other countries, here’s the reason why you should go for it. 

Equivalent to Hajj.

Performing Umrah isn’t a religious obligation for any Muslim but it’s the Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). That’s why it is called as Minor/Lesser Pilgrimage. While on the other hand, hajj remains an obligation for every Muslim who is financially, mentally and physically capable of it. However, among many virtues of Ramadan, performing umrah in this month is also superior. 

Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) narrated about it that; (description) perform Umrah in Ramadan because it’s equivalent to performing hajj. 

Among the best deeds.

Umrah is regarded as one of the best deeds a believer can perform in its life. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said about it that; (description) Two actions remain considered as to be the most virtuous of actions; unless if someone performs them in a similar way and they are an accepted Hajj and an accepted Umrah.

Removes the poverty of a person.

Just like giving charity, Umrah is such an Ibadah that also removes poverty for a person. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said in a Hadith; (description) Muslims should Follow up the performance of Hajj and Umrah because they remove poverty and sins for a person in the same way the fire separates impurities from the metals of iron, silver, and gold.

Jihad of elderly people, women, and children.

Jihad is one of the obligations of Islam but only when necessary and under certain conditions. If the need arises, only adult, young and healthy men can participate in it, under the Islamic teachings. For which, Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said; (description) Performance of Hajj and Umrah with rightful intentions are the Jihad of the elderly, the young, the weak and the women. 

Expiation of Sins.

One of the best ways to ask for forgiveness from Allah Almighty is through the medium of Umrah and Hajj. When you are present in Haramain as the guest of Allah Almighty and intend Taubah with sincere intentions, surely, he will answer because he is the most merciful. Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) said that; (description) Umrah expiates for the sins committed during it and the preceding Umrah.

So, book your family umrah packages for Ramadan and embark on the spiritual journey of a lifetime!

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