Reasons How Martial Arts is Better Than A Gun

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There are those people who guarantee by guns as the key form of self-defense that everyone should have. There is no doubt that guns have worked as self-defense in some situations. However, there are times when it is not the answer. Here are a few methods in which martial art is the best option rather than keeping a gun with you.

Here are some reasons how martial arts is better than a gun:

Martial arts is portable

Even with the license, there are places where you won’t be able to take a gun. Airports, schools, sports stadiums, etc are some of the places where metal detector machines are equipped. With martial arts, you can take with yourself; there is no need to keep the skills of martial arts at home when you are roaming outside. You can take them with you no matter where you go.

You can’t drop your skills

The biggest negative about keeping a gun is that it can be used against you. If you are in an altercation and your unarmed assailant grabs your gun, you are immediately dealing with an armed attacker.

      Gun will not keep your body fit

You can become a shooter with a gun, but you will not get a perfect shaped body. When you participate in any martial arts classes, you can easily make your body healthy.

      No one “Myay Thai’d” themselves in the foot

The main thing about guns is that they can be harmful to the owner as they are to your assailant. You repeatedly hear about someone shooting themselves in the foot, crotch, or hip. But you never hear Myah Thai-ing themselves in the foot! No one can harm himself/ herself with the martial arts moves they have learned.

      You don’t have to run for a license

When you enroll in a martial arts class, you don’t have to get a license from any of the government organizations. Whereas, when you carry a gun with you you must get a license to keep it for self-defense.

So, rather than keeping the gun with you, it is better to enroll in martial arts classes and learn it as a self-defense activity. Get in touch with Aloha CJJF Round Rock and find the time that is suitable for you for martial arts class. The expert team here provides the best moves for Self Defense Classes Round Rock so that you don’t have to carry a gun with you.

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