Top 5 Common Mistakes of Overprotective Parents

by Nitin Saini Digital Marketing Expert

There is a fine difference between protection and overprotection that we, as parents often forget. We parents are naturally overprotective of our children. It is dictated by our social and physical surroundings, we also protect our children subconsciously, says many teachers at top schools in Gurgaon. Overprotection, intentional or unintentional, many times is an exaggeration or a misguided way of showing love and care towards them. Now, the question is how to recognize that we are overprotecting our children and it is hampering their performance and psychological development. Well, if your child expects you to do most things for her/ him or seem indecisive and lack in reacting in the manner their peers do or may be incapable of performing certain age-appropriate practical skills. It may be due to your overprotection.

Let us find out what the veterans and industry experts from tops school out of a list of schools in Gurgaon have to say:

1.       Over-curiosity: 

Snooping around your child every minute, constant curiosity and lack of trust are certain signs of over protection. Avoid constant inquiries from friends and intruding into their privacy. It harbors anger and irritation in the children which later result in conflicts between you and your child explains a senior faculty in one of the top schools from the list of schools in Gurgaon.


2.        Indulgence and pampering:

 When we parents offer more to them than it is required. These pampered and indulged child grows-up to become more self-centered, arrogant, and demanding. They start thinking that they are entitled to such demands and fulfilling their demands are necessary for others, says a child psychologist at one of the top schools in Gurgaon.


3.      Control:

We often become so much concerned about our child’s behavior that we start putting unnecessary restrictions on them. This is in order to avoid misbehavior. It often begets harmful consequences. Over restricted child develop more inhibitions and fearful throughout life and withdraw into their shells and cannot develop good social skills, advise senior faculty at one of the best school from out of a list of schools in Gurgaon.


4.      Manipulating:

 When parents manipulate the environment or create an environment to protect the child from experiencing defeat, emotional pain, disappointments and frustration it is equally harmful to children. These children are deprived of vivid life experiences, never really learn from the defeats and gain wisdom. Hence, they develop unhealthy competition, ruthless ill-mannered behavior to lead and stay ahead, explains a veteran child psychologist.


5.      Expectations:

Overtly high expectations and exceptionally ill and low expectations from your children discourage them from taking bold decisions and responsibilities, explain veteran teachers in one of the top schools from the list of schools in Gurgaon. These children often grows-up not taking any responsibility and later expects their friends, colleagues, and spouse to take their responsibilities of life for them.

You may never be able to prepare utopian life and circumstances for your child, hence it is advisable to prepare the child for life's challenges. Develop their emotional strength to face challenges that life brings. Let them handle mild distress and be prepared for bigger challenges and adversities to lead a healthy and productive adult life. All the best!

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