Why Should You Invest In The best Quality Solar Water Heater?

by Solostar Solar Water Heater Manufacture

Next time when you get a big electricity bill you can think of a solar water heater! It is a great idea to catch all the power that you need from the sun. Millions of people are using this technique instead of using electricity. Solar electric panels can convert sunlight to electricity in order to produce hot water. In relatively cold regions, solar water heaters can chop significant amounts of your electricity bill.

Now let’s see how a solar water heater works. Fill a plastic bottle with cold water and keep it beside a window in the sun. It will warm up after a few hours. But the problem is, a bottle of water cannot go very far if you have a house full of people. Here, the simplest solution is to fill more bottles with water and keep them on your window-edge. But that will be a very time-consuming process. You can act smart over here. You can cut the top and bottom of a plastic bottle and can fit pipes at each end. Feed the pipes into your home’s hot water tank and a complete water circuit. You can fit a pump somewhere in that loop which will allow the water to circulate endlessly. Now you imagine how the sunlight can systematically heat all the water in your tank. A solar water heater is not a million miles away from you. It will also work in the same way as explained. 

Is solar thermal really efficient?

Solar thermal panels are very efficient at harvesting energy. If you live in a family where people are taking baths and are using water all the time, especially during summer, a solar thermal can work very well. A sound solar panel should be able to produce around ½ to 2/3 of a family’s total annual hot water. The drawback of solar thermal is that it can only produce hot water and nothing else. But you can do so much household work with that hot water. However, photovoltaic can help you heat your home and produce truly versatile and high-quality energy in the form of electricity. The typical payback time for solar thermal is about a decade. It can range between 5-15 years depending upon several factors, like how frequently you are using it, how much sunlight does the panel gets, and many other factors.

Thus, it is a good idea to install a solar water heater. However, it can be a huge investment to buy the best quality solar water heater for your home. The installation charges are also very high for a solar water heater compared to an electric water heater. But in the long run, a solar water heater can give you a good return.

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