Solar Water Heating System: Know About Its Components In Details

by Solostar Solar Water Heater Manufacture
A solar water heating system is gradually becoming essential for both domestic and commercial purposes. It is being predicted in the future when there will be a lot of shortage of gas and electricity people will start using solar power more and more. So, a solar water heating system is something that we all should be familiar with. After all, hot water is a daily necessity in everyone’s life. Today we are going to tell you about the components that are present in a solar water heater.


The function of the collectors is to collect solar energy which will then be turned into heat energy. It can be as simple as a black tank filled with water. But collectors are mostly flat panels which mostly contains a series of copper pipes encases in evacuated glass tubes. It enables effective heating of the fluid inside the pipes while minimizing radiative heat loss.  


Storage is important for a solar water heater to keep the heated water stored. If your solar water heating system is a closed-loop system, it would have a heat exchanger in it ports for both the heating fluid and the water. This storage mainly is insulated as it helps to keep the water hot for a very long period of time. In a system where a drain back approach is used, the water is drained out of the coils at night. These systems tend to require a separate storage tank for that water.

Other Components

  • Among other components includes a temperature and a pressure relief valve. This is needed as the temperature of the water can get as hot as possible, so it needs to stay under control.
  • It also has an expansion tank that expands when water heats and expands.
  • Circulating pump is also there in order to circulate the water for heating.
  • Heat transfer fluid is also an important component in a solar water heating system. It carries the heat from solar collectors to water storage tanks. This fluid can either be potable water or a non-toxic anti-freeze depending on the climate.
  • Another component is heat exchangers which transfer solar heat from the transfer fluid to the home water supply.

You should have the knowledge of what makes a solar water heating system works. All these components are quite essential and should work properly for a system to work properly for a long time.

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