Why should we shift to Sustainable Packaging?

by Jane Tussel Content Manager

Sustainable packaging is a key component of delivering sustainable goods and services. Companies must provide answers to several concerns when creating sustainable packaging for an item, such as: will it draw customers towards the goods, what expense will it cost; and will it offer the necessary protection for my product?

While conventional packaging may be inexpensive, easy, and durable, it is costly in terms of resources and wasteful. In contrast, sustainable packaging is not generally beautiful, affordable, or robust. Utilising sustainable packaging is a crucial step you can take as a restaurant or cafe owner to become more environmentally friendly.

What is meant by sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging pertains to the procurement, development, and usage of packaging options that have a minimal negative influence on the environment.

Why use eco-friendly packaging? There are various advantages to sustainable packaging, even if it could cost more than conventional packaging.

For packaging to be deemed sustainable, it must meet the eight requirements listed below.

  • It is advantageous, secure, and beneficial for individuals and groups throughout its existence.

  • It satisfies price and performance standards in the market.

  • Uses renewable energy to be sourced, produced, delivered, and recycled.

  • maximises the use of resources that can be recycled or from renewable sources.

  • It is produced with best practices and eco-friendly technologies.

  • And is constructed with sustainable materials that are good for the environment.

  • Also physically constructed to maximise resources and energy.

  • It is successfully recovered and used in biological and/or commercial closed-loop cycles.

Key advantages of sustainable packaging

Change of Resources

 It takes 1.5 litres of petroleum to make a cubic foot of Styrofoam, or what it would take an 8-mile trip in a 20-mpg vehicle.

By preserving raw materials and employing low-impact production techniques, sustainable packaging, on the contrary, protects natural resources for future generations.

Safety and Human Health

Antimony is a hazardous metalloid found in the material polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is used to store beverages. Exposure to antimony can cause nausea, diarrhoea, and stomach ulcers.

Contrarily, the creation, and management of packaging cartons produced from agricultural waste (such as rice hulls, maize fibre, straw, etc.) reduce exposure to potentially harmful substances for humans. Businesses benefit from increased profitability by reducing workplace injuries and illnesses and increasing customer loyalty when they prioritise the health and safety of both their employees and customers.

Business Reliability

Natural resource depletion is caused by conventional packing. Sustainable packaging uses fewer natural resources, which increases over time the capacity for companies to continue producing goods and services for a longer period.

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