Why Should You Install An Electric Boiler?

by Jane Tussel Content Manager

Compact appliances called electric boilers leverage electricity for boiling water without using fossil fuels. To heat the water contained inside the internal heating component, these devices work by passing an electrical current across a resistive conductor. The system then distributes this hot water throughout your home to heat it using an integrated circulating pump.

An electrically powered boiler installation Epsom can be utilised as a standalone heater or in conjunction with other heaters as part of a centralised heating system.

Some versions of electric boilers may also supply you with water, making them a great year-round option for keeping your home delightfully warm.

What are the advantages of installing an electric boiler?

Quiet Running

Electric boilers are silent because they don't use moving parts or other loud components. So, you won't even be aware that your heater is on! The absence of a bothersome background humming will allow you to happily enjoy a quiet environment.

Using less Space

In comparison to conventional boilers and other possible heating technologies, electric boilers occupy a remarkably small amount of space. It also makes them simple to install in homes with limited space and extremely small locations.

They take up less room because they don't use any fuel and don't need a chimney or fuel, either. For more energy-efficient modern dwellings, a focus on compactness is important.

Conserve energy and save money

Electric boilers are far more effective at heating because they don't involve combustion. This is because they directly transform electric energy into thermal energy without any intermediate phases where energy can be lost.

As a result, it will also be considerably simpler for you to keep a consistent temperature with less chance of escape.

All of this adds together to provide electric boilers with 100% efficiency. By doing this, you can heat your home far more effectively, requiring less energy to do it.

Both the price of natural gas and the price of electricity are growing. Through the application of an electric boiler, you may prepare your home for the use of renewable energy sources, which will prevent you from rising energy prices in the long run.

Enhanced Safety

Electric boilers don't rely on combustion or gas to provide heat. This enhances safety in two crucial ways.

The danger of gas leaking into your home is primarily reduced. Because of this, you won't have to worry as much about the possibility of poisoning with carbon monoxide and other harmful side effects.

Second, because combustion entails generating power on-site by burning fuel, it is intrinsically riskier than other heating methods. 

Minimal Maintenance

Since electric boilers don't have any moving elements unlike gas boilers, they operate as quietly as possible, which was already mentioned. Did you realise that this also makes them incredibly simple to maintain?

We advise hiring a competent professional to do service once a year to identify any potential problems and maintain everything operating smoothly.

Also because of this, electric boilers are known to have up to 25-year lifespans!

If you are confused about your choices in selecting the best and most reliable boiler installation, you can contact Wire My Heating. Our team of boiler installers is skilled in working with all types of electric boilers. You can always give us a call or visit our website if you wish to have one installed on your property.

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