Why is the UVGI System Important For the Education and Corporate Sector?

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Education and corporate sectors are two places where people in large quantities are gathered. There is one hidden aspect of such a huge gathering and its quick spread of infectious diseases. Such crowded places are dangerous when a pandemic like COVID-19 is on loose. Even if the pandemic isn’t here to bother you, the trapped air inside a school or corporate sector isn’t healthy enough to inhale.

Mr. Ankit Sharma, the director of Airific System understood this hidden yet deadly aspect of crowded places. Using this sound understanding of technology, he came up with an inventive solution, automated UV Light UVGIs systems for education and corporate sectors.

Let’s learn why you need one and how the Airific System is making a difference in this domain.

The Ugly Side Of Crowded Places

Schools, colleges, and corporate offices are great places to be for learning and earning means. However, these places are a matter of concern as well as they tend to have poor indoor air quality. The reason for this is many. For instance:

They are closed buildings with poor ventilation. Hence, air circulation remains poor. Stale and microbes-infected air keeps on circulating again and again inside these buildings. 

The HVAC installed in Corporate offices, Hospitals, and Education sectors are the breeding ground for airborne microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, and many others. These microbes are responsible for serious respiratory and infectious diseases. If exposed for a longer time, these microbes will take a toll on your health for sure.

These places are dangerous during the time of a pandemic outbreak. One infected person can put hundreds or even thousands of lives at risk.

Because of the above-mentioned reasons, owners of such buildings or commercial spaces can’t take a chance and are advised by government agencies and health experts to adopt measures to improve indoor air quality.

UVGI System - An Ideal Choice To Make

UVGI stands for UltraViolet Germicidal Irradiation and is probably the safest and non-intrusive way to disintegrate the airborne microbes. In UVGI systems, UV C light is used at 254nm wavelength. UV light at this wavelength is capable to destroy the protein part of the microbes. When protein components are damaged, airborne pathogens or microbes are no longer effective or able to spread the infection.

“Various studies have shown that the inactivation rate of UV light is nearly 99% ineffective rate. As it’s a chemical-free way to get rid of microbes, it’s an environmental choice to make. This is why we thought of it in our product. Our R&D team did extensive research and use UV C light in the most efficient manner.”, says Mr. Ankit Sharma.

Being a visionary and an innovator made Mr. Ankit Sharma come up with such a revolutionary product. He, along with his team, incorporates the best designs and features in this UVGI system.

He is not the only one that believes in the power of UV light for air disinfection. ASHRAE, a well-known body, advocates the use of in-room air flow tactics and UVGI systems to improve the air quality of indoor spaces. These two practices have proved utterly beneficial to making crowded places safer than before.

UVHeal SafeAir UVGI System - A Work of Art

The UVGI system of the Airlific System is known as UVHeal SafeAir. This UV air disinfection system is capable of disinfecting the air in a large area in no time. Its ultra-modern design and inventive use of UV-C light have made it one of a kind product that is useful in many ways.

“People working or present in educational institutions and corporate sectors are at risk when the world is dealing with a pandemic. CDC and many other numerous health agencies promote the use of UV-C light for air and surface disinfection. Not adhering to this compulsion can lead to serious health hazards and legal implications.”, affirms the director of Airlific System.

With the UVHeal UVGI system, it’s easy for education and corporate sector players to do:

  • Easy surface disinfection

Surfaces of such places come in contact with many people and are at high risk. With the UVGI disinfection system, it’s easy to make the surfaces safe and sound. UVGI surface disinfectants are portable units that can be used in any part of the room or building complex.

  • UVGI for HVAC

As mentioned above, HVAC units are highly infector prone. With the help of UVHeal SafeAir, you can make the HVAC units free from microbes and pathogens. This UV HVAC air disinfection system works like an in-duct air purification system. 

It’s placed at the air outlet section of the HVAC units. As the air passes through the UV C light rods, it gets disinfected and then reaches you. This way, the inhabitants of these places enjoy good quality air.

  • UVGI for air disinfection

The trapped air inside the educational institute and corporate sectors are harmful to those inhaling it. UVHeal UV air disinfection system helps you to make the same air fresh by eliminating the microbes and pathogens. This way, you don’t have to worry about the lower IAQ.

This UVGI system features:

Customized installation as the Airific System uses a simulation tool to identify your space requirements and make the product installation accordingly

Zero installation hassles as experts are appointed for the installation:

  • Modular design that fits any kind of old or new ducts

  • Simple handling and low maintenance

  • Superior-grade operational reliability 

  • Simple set-up 

  • BM control 

  • Auto shut feature for safety 

Let’s Make the World A Safe Place To Be

Poor indoor air is the slow poison that will kill us slowly and certainly. Hence, places like educational institutes and corporate sectors must respond appropriately to deal with this problem. The UVGI system is a viable solution.

The UVGIs system, UVHeal SafeAir, is a highly futuristic UV air disinfection system to use. With its usage, it’s possible to improve indoor air quality by making the deadly microbes and pathogens ineffective by 99.99%. Its customized installation will deliver the best ROI. Try it today for pink health tomorrow.

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