Usage of UV Lights for Air Disinfection - UVGI System for HVAC

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Not many of us know this but indoor air could be 7% more infected than outdoor air. But, people often consider it clean as they can’t see the minute microorganism present in it. Poor-quality indoor air is a matter of concern as we spend most of the time inside the walls, not outside the wall.

As per a recent study, people spend 87% of their time indoors, inhaling that not-so-fresh air. Whether you work, sleep, party, or exercise, you are inside four walls most of the time. Hence, it’s imperative that the indoor air around you is disinfected properly.

Read this post to find out what infects indoor air and how one can disinfect it.

Infected Indoor Air – The Silent Killer

In urban areas, it’s common to see AC and HVAC units installed inside a house or complex. While they were designed to help mankind, soon they become a bane as they feature filters that infest microorganisms like fungi, mold, viruses, bacteria, and many more.

These microorganisms become a part of the air that installed AC or HVAC generates. They won’t be noticed by our eyes but will cause serious damage to our respiratory system, eyes, nose, throat, and heart if inhaled for a longer time.

The best way to get rid of them is by using UV light as an air disinfectant.

UV Light - The Perfect Air Disinfected

Indoor air disinfection is crucial if one wants to maintain pink health. The most effective and chemical-free means to make this happen is using UV light as an air disinfectant.

UV or UltraViolet rays are what we receive from the sun as a part of sunlight. UV rays have the ability to disinfect a surface, water, and air in a chemical-free and non-destructive way.

The three types of UV rays are UV A, UV B, and UV C. Out of all these UV C has the highest air-disinfected qualities. It holds the potential to kill a wide range of microorganisms such as vegetative and spore-forming pathogens. When these microorganisms are exposed to UV C light, their genes are destroyed or scrambled which makes them inactive. This way it eliminates many trouble-causing elements from the air surrounding you and makes it fresh.

The Benefits Include Once you decide to use UV C for air disinfection, understand that you’re eligible to avail below-mentioned benefits:
  • This technology is affordable compared to other air disinfection technologies.
  • This lower cost is possible because of many ways such as low energy consumption, very less maintenance, and high product life.
  • It’s an environmentally-friendly option as no chemicals are used to kill the germs.
  • The technology is highly portable. We have heavy to lightweight UV lamps that are useful for any ecosystem. Whether you want to disinfect your home or your office, it’s possible.
  • UVGI System can kill up to 99% of germs. So, it’s basically guaranteed air quality.

In A Nutshell

Being indoors doesn’t mean being away from microorganisms and pathogens. The indoor air is heavily infected with them and can lead to several health issues. With the help of UV light, you have a non-invasive, chemical-free, and non-toxic way to disinfect the air around you. With 99% efficacy, this solution will hardly fail. However, using the right kind of tools like UV Lamps or UV Air Duct Disinfectant from a trusted source is utterly important. You can expect quality results from run-of-the-mill products.

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