What Can Hotels Do To Ensure Guest Bio-Safety

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Bio-Safety in Hotels: What is it and How to Ensure it for your Guests?

Would you like to get sick while you’re on vacation? Well, this could happen if the hotel you, as a guest, are picking doesn’t have a bio-safe ecosystem. A hotel is a place where people from various locations come and stay. Hence, there is a higher risk of the spread of infectious diseases. 

This risk was always there. But, the outbreak of COVID-19 made things worse than ever.

If statistics are taken into consideration, nearly 75% of hotel industry revenue was killed by COVID-19 in the FY 2020-2021.

As the world is still dealing with a pandemic, the loss is not over yet. However, the hotel industry is gaining little pace as infection has slowed down. But, these industry players have to be extra conscious while attending to the guests when the world is in the middle of a pandemic. 

In this blog, we will throw light on some of the most preferred and recommended ways to ensure guests’ biosafety. 

Why Be Concerned About Bio Safety?

Whether COVID-19 remains or goes, air disinfection is something that every hotel owner should implement right away. Along with the COVID-19 virus, airborne microbes, pathogens, allergens, pollen, and other bacteria are always a matter of concern. These microorganisms, if ignored for a longer time, can be a matter of concern as they lead to health hazards like asthma, congestion, respiratory diseases, and so on.

The worst part is that these microorganisms are the part of the air we take in. These microorganisms are present more in crowded places or buildings where HVAC systems are installed. Both these conditions are fulfilled at hotels. So, if appropriate measures are not taken, hotels can become a place of definite infection or diseases. 

After COVID-19, the governments of various countries and states have imposed strict policies for hotels. If you’re a hotel owner and want to experience smooth operation then you must adhere to these policies. Implementation of biosafety measures is a mark of guests’ health safety. 

Ways To Ensure Bio Safety Of Guests 

Hotels are responsible for ensuring the biosafety of guests. There is no exception in this part. So, here are the ways to make it happen. 

Air is one of the most prominent means by which pathogens and microbes reach people. This is why hotels must think of installing a UV C light air sanitizer. As we all know, UV C is highly germicidal and can inactivate microorganisms up to 99%. There is no chemical use in this process. It destroys the protein component of the micro-organisms and makes them useless. It works on a wide range of pathogens and microbes. 

There are HVAC air disinfection systems that hotels can place inside the AC ducts. As the air comes, it gets disinfected immediately. This is one of the safest and most viable means to disinfect the air.

With this solution, hotels can disinfect the air circulating in a large area. Best UV HVAC air purifiers are easy to manage and ask less maintenance. This is why their operations won’t be too expensive for hotels. 

  • Make sure proper surface disinfection is taking place 

Hotel surfaces like lifts, reception areas, TV units, common dining areas, and many more are used and touched by many people. Hence, they are a potential means for infection spread. It’s very essential to sanitize or disinfect these surfaces using UV light sanitizers. Make sure they are sanitized after every single use. 

When COVID-19 spread is going on, disinfection of bedding, curtains, towels, and other upholstery is also recommended. This is required to control the infection spread and ensure the bio-safety of guests. 

  • Adopt best staff hygiene practices 

Staff hygiene practices like wearing masks, vaccination, sanitization at regular intervals, thermal screening, and social distancing are very useful to control the spread of COVID-19, and various other infections. In fact, staff vaccination and wearing masks are non-negotiable. So, it’s wise to adopt these practices if you want your guest to believe that you’re concerned about their bio-safety. 

Ending Notes 

The world we all are living in is no longer safe it appears. Its’ heavily infected with viruses and bacteria. As a pandemic is already on loose, there is no way to take a chance. Hotels have to go the extra mile to make their guests believe that their safety is the first priority. 

This is why practices like using the best UV HVAC air disinfection system, staff vaccination, surface disinfection, social distancing, and so on should be adopted without fail. Those who have managed to make all of these things happen will thrive today and tomorrow.

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