Why is digital business important?

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Why is digital business important?

In the age of digital where everything is in just palm of your hands. Just a click of a button you can order your food, pay bills, buy clothes, electronics, home appliance and buy pretty much anything you like. Going digital was never so easy yet important in today’s business climate companies need to make their presence felt online if they want to stay in the competition. As of April 2019, there are 56.1% of the world population has access to the internet but if you see as a business point of view 4.32 billion has access to a market where you can tap on but that only depends on your business but if you still take 1%  of that it still 43.2 million but still this number is far from reality. But you get the idea that if you tap on this area you can increase your profit to multiple times.


12 reason you need to go Digital

1. Benefits on the internet to business

Doing business online provides a lot of benefits and it also helps in regulating your cost. Their first step you need to do is make a website it will be your company digital representation. Then you can use different marketing strategies to build loyal customer, trust and boost your business growth.

Search engine optimization, Social media marketing, Content writing, Email marketing, Search engine marketing, etc. These are some of the market techniques you can use to increase your market presence and direct traffic o your site which eventually converts into loyal customers. Internet marketing helps your business to provide high values to customers. Marketing and advertising online are faster, cheaper and also require less staff to manage and track progress.


2. Research for a business plan and making market strategies

Before stepping into the Market it is wise that you know about it doing research for your business online going to help you in building your strategies. Research is one of the most important aspects of the business before buying a domain, making a site, launching an ad campaign you need to know about the market you’re going to invest.

Internet helps in getting potential consumer data, demand for a particular good and services, user behaviors. You can also monitor the real-time traffic on a website with this information you can easily make a plan to cope up with the current environment.  There is an old method of market research but they are costly, time-consuming, and require way too much effort plus information provided by this method is so limited.

There are many tools online that help you collect consumer data on competitive analysis, product, fashion, trend, taste and market size analysis with high accuracy and precision.

Such as keyword research tools, google keyword planner, google search console, google webmaster, google analytics, etc. are some great tools through which you can do market research.

3. 24X7 Business service

One of the greatest Features of online business  it is open 24x7x365 you don’t need to be there it can run by himself. Biggest limitations of offline business its time if you want to buy some shoes on a store you need to go there on working hours or try your luck tomorrow but with business online you don’t need to worry about it I can go any time online and buy stuff. I don’t need to wait for a specific time to buy something. It saves not only time but also helps you do business while you are sleeping sound.

4. Customer Support

Engaging with customers and solving there is an important of business. There are many platforms and tools you can use to keep in contact with your customer and engage with people online. It is a very low-cost method to solve customers’ problems without visiting physical to some office and waste your time.

It is very they comment about their problem on your website and social media platforms and you can easily hire someone to solve their problems the real time it also boosts customers trust on you and gives a good look to your image online.

5. Outsourcing

If you don’t want to do something just outsource it there are a handful of freelancers that can help you with it. just type on google and you will get a ton of website where you can find freelancers which provide services on a very good price. It also helps you put your mind on things that you want and relieve the additional burden from your shoulders so you can concentrate on the things with a matter for you.

You can outsource business in an offline business but it not as efficient as compared to online you have to spend a lot of time to look for the right company. So, using the internet to find the people who can do the work for you is a lot easier, cost-efficient and fast.


6. Employee engagements

Engage in a conversation with your employee is not only good for your business but also great for employee’s morale and confidence. Using the digital application to communicate with employees for feedback, problems, and taking suggestions from is good for business development. If there are some problems occurring in the workplace they can talk to management and work things out vice versa if they have some new project, techniques, the idea you can contact your employees. You don’t need to spend time in a very long communicating with your people you just need to send a text and its done.

When your senior talk to you directly and take the suggestion and idea from you it also helps boost your motivation and build a sense of duty to keep working.



7. Business consultant services

When you run a business you get face to face with many problems on a daily basis but some times problems occur that you can’t do on your own you need someone’s advice on how to find solutions and find a way to tackle a particular problem. Finding a consultant is very difficult and they charge a heavy amount but online you can find solutions on google for so many things just search questions on google and find solutions. They are an online forum, blog sites where you ask a question to people and they answer and if you can find solutions there are so many online consultants you can chat via some conferencing tools, skype, google hangouts, etc.


8. Business growth

Growing your business 5-10 years ago was a very difficult task yet surviving the harsh market forces. It takes 5-10 years for a business owner to grow his business after starting with no money and marketing everything depends on how much hard work you do. But using marketing, sales, customers support service online you can grow your business in just 1-2 years.

But why, the reason is simple in an offline business you have a small market there are 5 sellers for that service in that area you have so little room to grow because of there a limit to how much you can earn due to limit in your demand.

But on the internet, the reach is unlimited for any service they are thousands of people searching for a quality product and services. There is heavy competition online but the demand and area in unlimited also competition helps you to improve yourself because of so many alternatives available for the same service if you don’t step it up people will switch products in seconds.

Internet is a pool of information you can learn so much from it you can learn what is your competition is doing, where they are good at, where they are failing, what kind of customers they are getting and losing. You can learn so much about them and make business strategies effectively.

Internet is not just for big companies and corporations, it’s for everyone it depends on how you use it to your advantage to get what you want.


9. Customer Management

Customer application tools that allow a business to find what to market and sell? What to market? Feedback and market response on your product and services is what shape your company future how? It is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with your customers.

When you do marketing and sales based on customer feedback, the problem with the current product, suggestion and using that information to better your product there is a higher chance that you will get better results.


10. Online storage

In a business where everything depends on data of your plans, strategies, employees, customers, researches, etc. storage and easy access to data is one of the most important tasks in business. I don’t know how many times I lost some important paper and spend hours searching for it but with online data storage applications, you can manage, store, share and has to access to business data and information anywhere in the world. For example Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Idrive, etc.


11. Video meeting and online conferencing

Scheduling a meeting with a client, booking an appointment for a consultant is a day to day business routine for a businessman it also wastes a lot of time which you can use on something else but there are some meeting and conference you had to do physically because sometimes you meet important clients or a consultant you have to meet. Doing meeting and video conference online is a real time saver you don’t have to travel to some place setting up a meeting place, camera, chairs, refreshments, etc. You just had to contact them another party regarding the time, date for the meeting without any waste of time.


12. Starting an internet business

There so many people starting their business because starting a business was never so easy you need an internet connection a laptop to start a business anywhere in the world. There are so many businesses you can do which require zero or very little investment Creating website, logo designing, content writing, and freelancing service from home.

Some of the most successful business and earn money is to start a blogging website you can choose any subject you want like news, sports, about your life, food, Digital marketing, technology, etc. But if you don’t want a blogging website you can use the blog to boost your site suppose you own a digital marketing website write article about Digital marketing how to become better at SEO, how to get more backlinks, why your website does not rank on page 1 do submissions like guest posting, infographics then you will see sudden increase in traffic on your site.

The E-commerce affiliate partner is also a good business you promote other site products on your site and receive a cut when someone buys the product from there site links from your site to his site. Usually, the affiliate is paid only when a sale is made by the merchant as a result of your link.

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