Why is 1.5-Ton Split AC Inverter Technology Considered Best for Average Indian Households?

by Purvi Chabra Marketing Consultant

To beat the heat caused due to the scorching summer, most Indian households install ACs. In the current times, fans and coolers are being replaced by air conditioners due to their higher cooling ability. Due to the increase in instances of a heatwave over the past few years, AC has become an essential part of livelihood. This is the reason that the AC industry has seen a boom in demand over the last decade. ACs are basically of two types, non-inverter AC and inverter AC. Non-inverter engines only operate at full speed or zero speed when the temperature is reached. The engine works at full speed but switches off when the room temperature falls to the appropriate level. This repetitive start-up might produce unnecessary noise and consume additional power. The major difference between an inverter and a non-inverter is that an inverter air conditioner controls its compressor speed. Inverter air conditioners reduce motor speed, save energy, and cool the air adequately when the room is already cool. Inverter ACs are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and more reliable for average families. The advantages of using an inverter AC over non-inverter AC are mentioned below.


Less power consumption


A 1.5 ton split ac inverter uses the latest inverter technology to give the cooling effect of an AC. The inverter easily adjusts to the fluctuations in voltage and frequency and acts admirably to give constant efficiency. With about 50% effectiveness and the perfect size for almost every household, the average households prefer to invest in a 1.5-ton split AC. These ACs are ideal for rooms up to 160 sq ft in dimension. Using the fluctuation control property of the inverter, these ACs easily adjust the power level and work accordingly to the change in electricity. Moreover, they consume less electricity by monitoring the compressor's speed and manipulating the gas flow used for refrigeration. 


Low Noise


Inverter-type air conditioners are well known for their cooling efficiency. They easily control the heat and humidity of the room without creating much noise. The average noise created by a 1.5 ton is 43 dB which is quite comforting and doesn't cause irritation. People prefer the 1.5 ton split inverter ac over fans and coolers due to the less noise factor and effective cooling. You can work, attend business meetings or classrooms, present a webinar and stream your games without the pestering wind sound. 




The best thing about an inverter air conditioner is that it adapts to the environment where it is set up. The latest inverter technology helps the AC monitor the indoor and the outdoor environment and regulates the flow of refrigerated air throughout the room. If the outdoor weather is hot, the 1.5 ton AC increases the cooling and changes accordingly. These ACs create an ideal environment at home, neither very cold nor very hot at any moment. This feature makes the inverter AC much more comfortable than non-inverter AC, which cools the environment excessively when running at full power, and then they switch off, and the temperature starts to rise.


Value for Money


The 1.5 ton split ac inverter isn't limited to cooling or regulating the temperature. They are much more useful with lots of other viable features. The inverter ACs are fitted with a two-layer filtration system that purifies the air from harmful chemicals and organisms. The anti-dust filter removes all the dust from the house, making the air breathable. The inverter type AC doesn't require an external stabilizer as the inverter reacts to the fluctuation in current and makes the motor work accordingly (High speed and low speed). The 1.5 ton split air conditioners are a perfect match for an average household. 


Environment friendly


The inverter ACs being a recent addition to the market, use eco-friendly R32 gas as refrigerant gas which does not contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming. They also cleanse the surrounding using smart filters and eliminates the danger of toxic substances. Mainly the compressors are made of 100% copper, which is a non-toxic element and enhances the cooling capacity of the AC. Moreover, by minimizing the electric losses, they prevent the wastage of electricity.   

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