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At a time when summer season is breaking all its previous records, people are vying to invest in good quality air conditioners that emerge out as the only effective solution to beat the heat. With such a wide range of air conditioner brands available in the market, it is no big thing to invest in an Air Conditioner that can make the promise of cool and comfortable summers. But there’s a catch. As air conditioners tend to consume high amounts of electricity, cost saving emerges out a prominent factor in choosing the right product.

Among various air conditioner models, products based on inverter technology are in high demand. And it is not just a trend but there are many reasons that make inverter ACs are an ideal choice. Today, almost every AC manufacturer has come up with a dedicated inverter AC series which guarantees more cost savings along with exceptional cooling performance. Now, let’s get to know more below.

A general AC first cools the room and turns off the compressor till the room gets below the set temperature, then the compressor will resume and operate at its full speed. According to a fundamental engineering principle, “Efficiency is contrarywise proportional to the square of the speed.” Therefore, a normal AC compressor operating at its full speed is highly ineffective.

Also, the beginning current of any electric motor is much higher than the typical operating power consumption. This is because it has to come over the inertia power to operate the compressor from zero speed to its usual speed. This continuous stopping and starting of a normal AC compressor take up much more electricity.

Contrary to a normal AC, the compressor in an inverter AC does not stop operating after it is turned on. Instead, it modifies the speed of the compressor to match the cooling needs of the space. This means that your inverter AC runs at high speed to cool the room quickly, and once the set temperature on the thermostat has been achieved, the compressor reduces its speed to a speed that is needed to maintain the set temperature. So, for instance, a 1.5 Ton inverter AC, will be operated at 150% of evaluated capacity when it is cooling the room fast at extreme speed and at 10% of rated capacity, when it is just needed to uphold the temperature of the room against the heat load coming from various sources. In this example the 1.5 ton inverter AC will be operating at 0.15 Ton most of the time and at 2.25 Ton at the beginning to cool the room quickly.

Now when it comes to get the one, it is a good idea to buy inverter split AC online. Today, there are both brand’s online stores and third-party ecommerce stores that can be considered to ensure a good buy. The best thing about buying online is that you can easily compare a wide range of products and make the most appropriate choice.

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