Why education is an essential aspect of a child's life?

by Akshaya Patra NGO in India - Akshaya Patra

As is a candle, the teacher burns itself to illuminate the world. The importance of education in the world, and more specifically in India, cannot be overstated. Education broadens our horizons and teaches us critical thinking; it expands our intellectual capacity and mental resilience. And so, organically, we arrive at the question: Why is education an essential aspect of a child’s life?

Education trains us and challenges us in every aspect of our personality. It moulds our character by stone, it develops and pushes a child’s mind to its utmost capacity and instils in them a great love for lifelong learning and wisdom. Without education, a child could almost always never reach their full potential. Education opens up new opportunities for everyone and rewards the diligent. Education teaches us virtues in life such as: wisdom, justice, fortitude and temperance. Education teaches young kids how to be leaders and independent givers to society. It cultivates creativity and stifles ignorance. Child education in India teaches our young the importance of love. And as love grows within the soul, so does beauty. For love is the beauty of the soul.

Moreover, education grows and builds the intellect of the individual. Success and service to society presupposes the maturity and wisdom of the mind. As we grow in knowledge and gain new perspectives, we consequently flourish in our intellect and in our ability to make better decisions, in wisdom and prudence. Knowledge precedes understanding, as such education brings us understanding not only of the external world, but also the understanding of ourselves and our wants in life. And with greater understanding, comes the ability to better lead our lives, to better know how to examine ourselves and know our direction in life. To better comprehend how to serve society better and realize the important things in life, and thus, be at ease with the ever-increasing pace of the world. It seems that a great many virtues in life can be ascribed to a great education. Thus, making child education in India and elsewhere a necessary element of early growth and development.

Education makes us wise. No man becomes wise by accident, it can only be learned. Hence, it is abundantly clear to The Akshaya Patra Foundation that education is one of the most essential facets a child can possess early on. Success or a life worth living it seems, implied, or included, or even absolutely demanded education. And so, we have asserted the importance of education in India. Numerous NGO in India are enabling great strides for education in India, helping the government revamp the curricula and training better teachers. However, we shall not skip over the significance of the mid-day meal towards child retention rates in schools. With the food provided by The Akshaya Patra Foundation, everyday more than 17 lakhs children across 12 states in India can attend school and accumulate education in India. The organisation’s charity work is made possible by government subsidies and corporate and private donors alike.

Donate to children today through Akshaya Patra’s website: Your contributions go towards investing in a brighter and more educated India. Invest in a better India today.

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