Why Does Birla High School Admission Process Include Interviewing Parents?

by BHS Mukundapur Team Best CBSE School in Kolkata

Many among the older generation wonder, why on earth parents are interviewed before the admission of their children in schools? This is a completely new idea and it has its advantages. Prestigious schools like Birla High School (BHS) interview parents as well as children before admission. We’re going to discuss how parents play active roles in Birla high school admission process. But at first, let’s discuss why the school thinks it is essential to interview parents? 

The Logic behind Interviewing Parents?

Educational institutes have always been places where students have been encouraged to grow as responsible humans. Be it the ‘gurukul’ concept of ancient India or modern day boarding schools, all of them prioritises the all-round development of students. 

Today, schools hold interviews for parents because of the following reasons:

1.     School wants parents to guide their children: Homes are the best schools for young minds. BHS interviews parents to get an idea of whether they will be able to guide children through their academic career. No, BHS doesn’t run away from its responsibilities. The school is solely responsible for student’s education. 

What the school authority wants to ascertain is that if parents are aware of the current education system and can recommend their children to choose the best career paths.  

2.     School wants to see if parents can inculcate the sense of responsibility in their children: Contemporary world doesn’t allow humans to depend on others. Not even children are allowed to be too much depended on their parents or others. Nowadays, mostly, both parents work. Hence, schools put questions before parents to know about if they teach their children to do their beds, brush their teeth, tie the knots of ties and school shoes all by themselves. 

Interviews help school authorities to ensure that children who’ll be admitted as students will be responsible enough to complete their homework even in the absence of their parents.      

3.     School wants to get insights on family values: BHS believes in imparting value-based education. The school believes whatever be the IQ and EQ of students if they’re not good humans, somewhere, the society as a whole fails to fulfil its responsibility. And the home being the microcosm of society, family values play significant roles in shaping humans.      

4.     School wants to get an idea of aspirations of parents from their children: Many educationists are of the opinion that parents shouldn’t put their aspirations on their children. It’s true to some extent. Parents can guide their children and make them aware of the pros and cons of the career choices they make. But they can’t force their personal choices on their children. 

Children have their unique personalities. It’s in their own benefit that parents should encourage them to pursue their dreams.     

5.     School wants to get an idea of the home atmosphere: Discords between parents can leave severe adverse impacts on children. The home atmosphere must be favourable so that children can pursue their hobbies and career in a peaceful and cheerful ambience. Interviews help schools to get an impression of the home atmosphere.

We hope that parents who’re preparing for Birla High School nursery admission will get help from this article and get ready for the interviews accordingly. For more information, keep reading related articles and blogs and help your children achieve their dreams.

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