Why Do Women Seek PRP Treatment For Thinning Hair?

by Michael Willian Medical

Baldness affects almost 50 percent of women in their lifetime, yet it is not discussed wildly beyond the hushed confines of the salon chair. Female hair loss can be caused by vivid factors, from hormonal imbalance to anxiety. Until recently, the main options to treat baldnessin women were topical forms such as rogaine. This treatment was introduced for men, and hair transplants, and often expensive surgery that can lead to infection or scarring. Hair loss problems are common among both males and females. Around 40% of the men population and 30-35% of women have to face hair loss problems. It becomes more common when reaching 50 years. Stress is one of the main symptoms causing hair loss or thinning of hair.

Today, there are numerous ways to treat baldness conditions with varying levels of reliability and success. Some of them are artificial ways, and some of them are based on much more solid science than others.

The research emerged and shows the success of a new therapy for baldness in women known as platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP had already made its way into microneedles facials, as it is proven itself as a powerhouse in stimulating collagen production.

According to research published in the International Journal of Women's Dermatology, cited seven recent studies that conclude positive results of using PRP for female baldnessCalifornia. PRP therapy enhances growth factor by stimulating follicles and encourage new hair growth. The best PRP for women CA is particularly effective in fighting female-pattern hair loss, the less talked about the equivalent of male pattern baldness. In male baldness, you can notice an M pattern of baldness on the forehead or fall out in circular shapes at the top of the head. On the flip side, female hair thinning occurs at the part line, or for some, all over. It is caused by fluxes in the androgens. Androgens are the hormone that plays a role in sexual function as well as hair growth in females. A medical term for this kind of baldness is androgenetic. While there are treatments such as hair implants tackles both male and female pattern hair loss. But PRP hair growth specialists are still unsure how the treatment works. Sometimes it shows unpleasant side effects such as weight gain. On the flip side, PRP for female hair loss California does not have any challenging side effects or recovery downtime. Numerous women are benefited from PRP, so what is and how does it work? Let us know more about it. PRP is extracted from blood using a centrifuge mechanism that helps to increase the concentration of specific proteins, which further promotes healing by separating other substances from the blood.

Does PRP work efficiently for hair loss in females?

The short answer here is yes! The science claims that PRP can help regrow your hair or preserve the hair that you have. Here are some of the promising results from the research on PRP that it works for baldness:

A 2019 study compares two groups of people using different hair treatments for six months. One group of twenty used minoxidil (Rogaine), and another twenty using PRP shorts. At the end of the experiment, the result was pretty convincing that PRP performed much better over the use of Rogaine for baldness treatment. Also, the study concludes that your level of platelets can affect how well your plasma works for hair loss. PRP hair growth specialist concludes that a lower level of blood platelets may result in less effective PRP treatment. The best PRP for men and women only occurs if the blood platelets are rich with plasma. There are tones of the experiment which provides positive results in the hair loss treatment. There are numerous clinics of PRP for female hair loss in California to help regain the strength and the density of the hair like before.

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